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50th year reunion
Class of 1973, 50th year reunion. Weekend of Aug 11 - 13, please register at https://horace.brightcrowd.com/1973/
and contact lisapontius (at) gmail.com

The Great Multi-Year Reunion festivity July 14, 15 and 16th, 2017
The Great Multi-Year Reunion festivity July 14,15 and 16th, 2017
From Chuck Gallagher (cgalla6179 (at) aol.com):

I have started to collect funds for Saturday Night at Captain Lawrence. You can pay via PayPal (cgalla6179 (at) aol.com) or send me a check at Chuck Gallagher, 10382 Camino Quince, Tucson AZ 85748

The cost is $85 for drinking or $40 for non-drinkers.

If you are interested in singing or playing music please let Jeffrey H. Poritzky know (https://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.poritzky ). He is helping me run that part. That will be for Saturday and Saturday night.

Friday golf tournament during the day at Richter Park. Start to form a team and let Shawn Moore know (contact info below).
Friday night old Mullanes Mug (Chappaqua Hill Tavern) and the Kittle House.
Saturday Bell School Fields 9 to 5.
Saturday night 7 to 12 Captain Lawrence
Sunday is a day for each class to do what they want

Golf Outing:
Horace Greeley Multi-Year Golf outing will take place July 14th. Tee times are 11AM to 1:15PM Cost $110 At Richter Park, Danbury CT https://www.richterpark.com
First 60 need to be paid by April 30, If we want more then 60 players. $110 includes Golf, Cart and cash prizes.
It would be nice to have a foursome for each class but it will be open to all. If you are one or two players, you will be paired up.
Please provide the people who are playing along with there Class Yr., emails and Phone #'s to: shawnvikingmoore (at) gmail.com
This is a first come first served
This is one of the 10 best Public golf courses in the US.

Colorado Reunion Wrapup
Hi all,

You can take a look at the reunion pictures and news at the link below.

Please note that this is still a work in progress. I still have a couple of pages of more pictures to put up, and hope to get it all done in the next day or so. I kind of "went cheap" on the web design site I am using and it's sort of cumbersome to get some tasks done, but then I never claimed to be a web guru like Beth. In any case I think it will work OK, and you can expect some more pics soon. If your image is not on the pages yet, don't despair - I have pictures of everyone who attended and they will all be published.

If you have any pics you took during the reunion and want to send them to me, I will be most grateful.

Also, if you spot mistakes, think I got something wrong, or just notice things that aren't displaying properly, let me know right away. The mobile device editor is kind of touchy, so things can go wrong there. There's always something.

Anyway, it was great fun, and I am still replaying it all in my mind.

So, here are the links. Click and be transported there, as if by magic.



Class of 1974 60th birthday bash
Hi Class of 1974!!! We are still planning our 60th birthday party reunion this October 28th to 30th, 2016. Please join us at the Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood, Florida. We have arranged for a 15% discount off of the prevailing rate of the hotel. All rooms have a waterview . Please use the discount code - fins15 to book your room either on-line or by calling (954) 874-4444. We are planning lots of fun events. PLEASE join us. If you have any questions, please call or email Peter Ruppert or Elaine Stoia Feldman.

Peter - pruppert (at) optonline.net
Peter's cell - (203) 895-3202

Elaine - misselaineous56 (at) aol.com
Elaine's work (914) 763-3152 or 763-2345 best numbers to reach me
Elaine's cell - (914) 494-6233

We hope to hear from many of our classmates and hope to see you in Margaritaville. Come celebrate life with us. Please call us with any questions. Thank you

Class of '60 September Reunion Update
Hi all --

It's not too late if you are still thinking about coming to Colorado in September. You can find all the information at this link: http://www.greeley-class-of-60.com/#!colorado-2016-/pvf7l

It's shaping up to be a wonderful time. Check out the page and think about it.... especially if you have never been to one of the reunions. It's a blessing to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

As I have communicated with classmates over the years, I find that people are always asking "what is this person doing or where is that person living, or whatever happened to old so-and-so?." You can be sure that in many cases, this person, or that person, or old so-and-so is YOU! Come and see those people who have been thinking about you.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns I can answer.

Colorado Reunion
I just updated the web page for the reunion. The new version includes specific information about the schedule, meals, and activities. Give it a look. Contact me with any questions. If I can't anser them, the "Gang of Several" out there in Colorado definitely can.

Here is the link:

Best to all,


Class of '96 Reunion
Hi everyone! I am in the midst of planning our 20th reunion and want to make sure this notice reaches each student from our class. Please spread the word! I have yet to pick a date/venue but please send me your email address so that I can include you on all correspondence: Lindsaykraut (at) gmail.com

Reunion Update and News
Hi all,

Planning for the reunion continues apace, with lots of work being done by the "Gang of 8" over there in Colorado. I'll have an update from them soon regarding details about feeding, beverages, planned activities, and optional events while we are there, as there is a meeting of many of the planners over the Memorial Day weekend.

However, I did want to call your attention to the "Ride the Rockies" page on our class website. This page has some add-on things to do immediately after the reunion itself. From the 14th through the 18th, Lydia has outlined some really interesting things that are happening there in the Rockies, to include the balloon festival and several very attractive road trip options. For some of these, early reservations are recommended, so I wanted to make sure everyone takes a look at the page.

So, if you are planning on attending, thinking about attending, or haven't given it a lot of thought yet, maybe you will want to look at some great things you can do immediately after the Class of '60 reunion concludes. The Ride the Rockies tour would make a great add-on, and a memorable fall vacation there in one of the most beautiful regions of our great country.

Here is the link. Contact me or Lydia with questions.


Best wishes to all,


Class of '60 Reunion Update
Plans for the Colorado reunion are moving right along. The Gang of Seven out there keeps researching possibilities regarding dining options and supplemental activities. Lydia and Cathy Smith recently checked out several local eating places and are compiling lists of everything, and thank you very much, ladies. More news will be available as the date nears. You can check out current info/attendees at this link:


Speaking of the reunion, please give it some serious consideration if you haven't yet done so. The past reunions have all been wonderful events as we renewed old friendships and caught up with one another. I always go home replaying it all in my mind and with a wonderful feeling of warmth and happiness. If you have not yet attended a reunion, please think about this one. It promises to be a great adventure, and we already have some people coming for their first time. Let's face it -- how many more reunions will we have? I sure hope you will give it some thought.

Class Reunion 2016
Hi all,

Well, it seems that there is just not enough interest in a full-scale reunion back in Chappaqua next year. I don't think it's apathy, but rather just a matter of timing (our last reunion was only 5 years ago) and availability. We seem to be a group who makes a lot of plans in advance - travel, time with grandkids and so forth, with the result that only about 15 classmates or so would be there. So, for now, we are going to hold off until another year.
However, the "Gang of Seven" over there in Colorado has come up with a destination reunion plan for those looking to have a nice vacation next September. You can read all about it at this link - http://www.greeley-class-of-60.com/#!destination-reunion-2016/pvf7l
It looks like a lot of fun -- I sure plan on being there. We have a lot of people living in the west, so this might be a more convenient location for them. But it's Estes Park right at the doorstep to Rocky Mountain National Park. Check it out and let me know.


Class of '95 20th Reunion
The Class of '95 will be holding our reunion October 3rd at the Mt. Kisco Country Club. There will also be a daytime picnic event for families and children.
More details to follow shortly.

Please email me with your current contact information if you are not on Facebook and a member the Class of '95 page.

katie.grishman (at) gmail.com

Class of 1965 50th Reunion - Oct. 24, 2015
The HGHS Class of 1965 will hold its 50th Reunion at the Holiday Inn Mt. Kisco, on Oct. 24.

A dinner at the Holiday Inn is planned. There will be a cash bar and a DJ playing music from our high school years.

We have blocked several rooms for October 23 and/or 24 that can be reserved at a reduced rate of $139 per night. Booking can be made online at http://www.holidayinn.com/redirect?path=hd&brandCode=hi&localeCode=en®ionCode=1&hotelCode=MTKNY&_PMID=99801505&GPC=HGR
or by phoning 877-834-3613 (Holiday Inn Central Reservations)
or 914-241-2600 for the hotel front desk.
In all cases, use the code HGR (for Horace Greeley Reunion).

Don Adams has arranged some tee-times at Mt Kisco Country Club for Saturday, starting at 10am, on a first-come, first-served basis, at $50 per person. To sign up, contact Don at dadams (at) carrierlogistics.com or Jeff Caso at jtcaso (at) gmail.com.

Additional activities are being coordinated.

A Travel Fund has been established to help classmates who might not be able to attend otherwise. The Fund is managed by Nancy Black, the Reunion Treasurer. Distribution of funds will be on an anonymous basis. If you would like to contribute to the fund or use the fund to assist with your reunion expenses, contact Nancy at nancy.black47 (at) gmail.com.

We shared part or all of high school together. Some of us also shared elementary and middle school. If you or someone you know has not received a mailing from the Reunion Committee yet, please use one of the many email addresses given herein to inform us how to make contact. We want you at the 50th Reunion, whether you graduated with the HGHS Class of ’65 or were part of the Class at sometime along the way. The Reunion’s success is dependent upon the number of classmates from HGHS, the Bell School, and/or Roaring Brook who attend. Yes, it is dependent upon YOU!

Additional Reunion Committee members and email addresses are:
Kathy Page Wasiuk, Reunion Coordinator, at: kathypagewasiuk (at) yahoo.com
Pat Seligman Litowitz at patgrantlitowitz (at) gmail.com
Mary Lou Simmermacher at mary.lou.simm (at) gmail.com
Liz McKinley Loomis at loomisliz (at) hotmail.com
Amy Sohl Caso at amycaso2010 (at) gmail.com
Noël Kumins at Nkumins2277 (at) gmail.com
Feel free to contact each and any of the Committee Members.

The 50th IS the big one. Come with a classmate; come with your spouse, come with a friend, or come by yourself…just be there!

Class of 1994 20th Reunion
We have scheduled the 20th reunion for the Class of 1994 on Saturday November 15th at 730pm at Brother Jimmy's in White Plains. Please contact Jonathan Breen at jmbreen9 (at) gmail.com for more information.

40th Reunion of Class of 1975
Does anyone know if a date has been set/any plans for a 40th reunion of the class of 1975?

Class of '74 40th Reunion RESCHEDULED
We have tentatively rescheduled the reunion for Labor Day 2014 in and around Chappaqua. If you have any contact information, please send it to jerraldhayes (at) gmail.com ASAP. Thanks!

Class of '74 40th Reunion
Our next reunion will be June 27-29, 2014 in Chappaqua! Please send all contact information to Wendy Huff at WenHuff (at) aol.com Hope to see each and every one of you and your families. If you can assist or have ideas, please contact David Bagwill at david.bagwill (at) gmail.com

50th Reunion Class of 1964
The Class of 1964 is planning a 50th reunion for Fall of 2014. If you are interested in attending, please send an email to:
hghs64reunion (at) gmail.com

Hope to see you!

30th Reunion October 12
Class of 1983 - 30th Reunion This Weekend
The Class of 1983 is planning their 30th Reunion to be held October 11-12th. Come re-connect with your classmates. Join us Friday night at the Quaker Tavern (formerly Mullane's Mug) for an informal gathering. Saturday night there will be a dinner and DJ at the Mount Kisco Holiday Inn. Tickets available at reuniondb.com - click on yellow find me link at bottom - or email me at elissahope (at) yahoo.com. Hope to see you there! Elissa (Vendig) Mellinger

Class of 1982 - 30th Reunion
The Class of 1982 is planning their 30th Reunion to be held October 12th- 14th in Chappaqua, NY. Come re-connect with your classmates. Join us Friday night at the Quaker Tavern (formerly Mullane's Mug) for an informal gathering. Saturday night there will be a formal dinner at the Mount Kisco Country Club and Sunday bring the whole family to a picnic at Gedney Park. Please email Jon Webber at JWebber (at) irvinecompany.com with your current email address and contact information to receive the official invite and further details. Hope to see you there! Vivian (Handscombe) Michalka

Class of 1992 20th Reunion!
Class of 1992 20th Reunion to be held on SATURDAY OCTOBER 13th in NYC. We hope you can make it! Details to come. Please email abbymlevy (at) gmail.com with your current email address to receive the invite. Thanks! Abby (Miller) Levy

HGHS 67 reunion
aug 24-26 2012
FRIDAY 8/24: Heritage Hills CC Somers, NY 12:00 noon Golf (min:need 3 besides me) Price $ 55.00/per person for cart and fees.
This includes use of locker room, and Hors d'oeurvres after golf for one hour. Cash Bar. If you want to join us but not for golf: $ 10.
FRIDAY NITE: Heritage Hills, Somers, NY BUFFET DINNER (minimum 20 people) $ 50.00 per person Cash Bar
SATURDAY NIGHT: Holiday Inn, MT Kisco, NY 5 Hour Dinner Event with Cash Bar. Soda included. $ 75.00 per person (min 50 people)
SUNDAY MORNING: Holiday Inn, Mt Kisco, NY Departing breakfast $ 20. (minimum 30)
Saturday day could be spent doing what you want, or hanging around Holiday Inn pool.

What I need to get this done is the following: Pick what you want to do. Send 1 check for each event you want to attend.. Please send seperate checks for each event as if we have to cancel. I can just return your check. Make checks out to Bob Mullane and mail to me at PO Box 236, Bedford Hills, NY 10507. ALSO:PLEASE INCLUDE A SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE (obvious reasons).
Although its nice to see on line who is coming, Money talks !! I need to receive all checks by June 20th to make commitments and deposits. I can take care of dealing with Heritage on Friday day and night, but I also need someone to volunteer to "be in charge" at Holiday Inn Saturday night as I might be a little late as I have something to do Saturday afternoon. If we don't get enough for Sat night, I can find a local restaurant that can handle a large group. Rooms are available at Holiday Inn for $ 130, group rate but will climb as they get closer to our date. That number is 914-241-2600. Looking forward to your responses (checks) Will get more details after getting replies. Bob Mullane

Class of 1976 - "Mulligan" 35th+1 Reunion Cancelled
Not enough responses so the Class of 1976 - "Mulligan" 35th+1 Reunion has been cancelled.

Better Price
We realize that we can charge $72 per person for the big event and we want to change the price listed in the previous notices. Sorry for any confusion. We will be sending out a formal evite soon.

Revised Announcement 4/12
Join your classmates for our 40th reunion from Horace Greeley HS. The big event will take place the evening of Saturday, Septemeber 8 at the Mt Kisco Holiday Inn. The fee for dinner and dancing is $80.

There are rooms being held for the Class of 1972 if you sign up soon. There are 20 and you can call and reserve for 9/7 Friday and 9/8 Saturday either day or both to stay there for $129. each night. The block will be held for us up until 8/10/12. After that the rooms will be 'let go' and opened up for public.

We will be getting together the night before, Friday the 7th in Chappaqua at the Quaker Tavern (formerly Mullane's Mug) at the top of King Street Hill at 7:00 PM.

Saturday we will be setting up a place to connect at the High School to socialize, throw a frisbee, and watch the Quaker's on the field. (Wear your orange and blue)

There will be a Brunch for those interested on Sunday the 9th at the Holiday Inn from 11 am.

For details watch two websites - www.hghs.org or if you are on facebook.com make sure you sign into the Facebook Group- HGHS Class of 1972 Reunion.

Please RSVP and give us an idea of how many to plan for. Feel free to bring a guest - or come solo!

You may recieve a paperless invite from the Class, if you have responded to that we have the correct contact information for you.

We are missing some current email addresses so make sure your friend's are on our list at HGHS.org. We will be collecting other information as we get closer to the event so do stay turned.

Ginny Lang Ruder - ginnyruder (at) gmail.com
Karen Kammerer Negulic- negulic (at) prodigy.net
Leslie Novins Vawter-lesliegv (at) comcast.net
Bev Lawrence Orser-beorser (at) aol.com
Diana Freeman Harris -diana19 (at) optimum.net
Elissa Fisher-oceansings (at) aol.com

Update for Class of 1972 Reunion
It's been 40 years and we haven't changed a bit! So come see old friends and old flames this fall in Mt. Kisco!
September 7-9, 2012

We have a great weekend planned beginning with a casual gathering Friday night at The Quaker Tavern (Mullane's Mug) at the top of King Street Hill in Chappaqua. Show up to the cash bar; grab a burger or just visit. We'll gather about 6:30pm

Saturday we plan to meet before the big game at Greeley. There will be a designated parking lot where we can meet and connect, or go and watch the game. Let us know you are joining us!

Saturday evening we will have the big event - dinner and dancing- solo or with your brave significant other at the Mt Kisco Holiday Inn. There is a charge of $75 per person and a cash bar. There are some rooms being held for our group at the Holiday Inn. Call 888-452-5771 and ask for the Horace Greeley HS '72 Reunion.

Sunday morning for those who have energy left, brunch will be served at the Inn and you should drop in before you head home.

If you have questions please contact anyone on the committee Ginny Lang Ruder (ginnyruder (at) gmail.com), Bev Lawrence Orser (beorser (at) aol.com) or Karen Kammerer Negulic (negulic (at) prodigy.net)
We need to know which events you will be attending by August 5, 2012

If you have friends you hope to see please let them know. We will be posting this all on the Internet at www.hghs.org and on our facebook group HGHS Class of 1972 Reunion.

Class of 1976 - "Mulligan" 35th+1 Reunion
Class of 1976 - "Mulligan" 35th+1 Reunion

Saturday, June 9, 2012
Mount Kisco Country Club

Thanks to the Halloween snow storm of 2011 many people could not get to Mt Kisco Country Club that evening. This is a make up for that evening. The event will take place from 6 pm to 12 am, and will involve hors d'oeuvres, drinks, dancing, and music. There will be no snow. Details will follow as they materialize.

CLASS OF 1976 35th REUNION - Update

October 29, 2011
7:00 pm to 12:00 am

Mt. Kisco Country Club

$115 per person
RSVP (website link below) and payment by August 29, 2011
Open-Bar Happy Hour: 7 pm to 8 pm
Buffet Dinner: 8 pm
(Menu includes selections of salad, pasta, roasted Angus beef and turkey breast, and dessert.)

Please contact Dave Figueroa at davidfigueroa58 (at) comcast.net to RSVP and
send check to:
David Figueroa
25 Forbes Blvd
Foxboro, MA 02035

Fabulous 50th Reunion for HGHS's Class of '62
The HGHS Class of 1962 will hold its 50th Reunion the weekend of September 28-30, 2012 at the Mt. Kisco Holiday Inn. Contact Cindy Roach Van Hooser for more information.

Reunion planned for 2012
We are putting together plans for our 40th reunion to be held the weekend of September 9, 2012. We have a facebook.com Event and will be posting more information as we plan. Hope you will join us and bring your friends. The big event will be Saturday night at the Mt Kisco Holiday Inn.

Calss of 1971 Reunion Update
Our reunion is on for July 8, 9 & 10, 2011.
Friday night: Holiday Inn Dinner, 7pm to 11pm, $40/person, payable at the door, cash bar separate. Must RSVP by July 1, over 50 people so far!
Saturday: 10am - 3pm, Bell School Field is reserved for casual get together, chat, kickball. Soft drinks and chips provided, all else available around town. No charge.
Saturday night: Main event is a party at one of our classmate's (name and address provided upon RSVP). Suggested donation is $35. Email me for details and to RSVP.
Spread the word!


October 29, 2011
7:00 pm to 12:00 am

Mt. Kisco Country Club

$115 per person
RSVP (website link below) and payment by August 29, 2011
Open-Bar Happy Hour: 7 pm to 8 pm
Buffet Dinner: 8 pm
(Menu includes selections of salad, pasta, roasted Angus beef and turkey breast, and dessert.)

Send check to:
David Figueroa
25 Forbes Blvd
Foxboro, MA 02035

Copy this link to RSVP http://sendomatic.com/asp/v?e=441424734&u=325

Any questions, contact Dave or Lisa:
davidfigueroa58 (at) comcast.net
LisaAnnB58 (at) verizon.net

Class of 1971 Reunion Update
Details for the Class of 1971 are starting to gel:
A block of rooms is being held at the Holiday Inn, Mt. Kisco, with a discounted rate. The block will be released on June 7, so book early.

We will also book a function room there for Friday night IF WE GET A MINIMUM OF 30 PEOPLE to commit. Cost will be about $40/person for hors d’oeuvre and a buffet dinner, with an open bar additional. Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. If we do not get the 30, then reunion events will begin on Saturday.

Saturday is a picnic and softball, locations to be announced.

The main event is a party Saturday night, at the home of one of our classmates. I will email you the name and address upon request. Hope to see you there.

Class of '71 Reunion this July
Hi, all - mark your calendars for July 8, 9 & 10, 2011 - it's our 40-year reunion!! The events will be casual, but we're hoping the attendance will be intense. Kate Goldsmith Paradise and Doug Mance have set up a Facebook page: HGHS Class of 1971 Reunion. Details will be posted as they are determined. Please join the group so we know who has gotten the news. And spread the word - the more, the merrier. Hope to see you all there.

Class of '81 30-year reunion!
Time: Saturday August 6, 2011 (at) 7:00pm
Location: Paulie's Bar, Pleasantville,
14 Marble Ave.
Our 30 year reunion is here! Paulie's is within walking distance from the train station in the center of Pleasantville.

Class of 2000 - 10 Year Reunion on Friday, November 26th
Dear Classmates,

The HGHS Class of 2000 will host its 10 year reunion on Friday, November 26, 2010 at 8pm at Traffic Restaurant and Bar (trafficbarnyc.com) on 986 2nd Ave (between 52nd and 53rd), New York, NY.

Tickets will be $60 per person for open bar (well liquor), finger food and a donation for a class gift. For those who are not drinking, tickets will be $30 per person for finger food and a contribution to the class gift.

To purchase tickets or for more information, please contact Eric Sigmon at eric.b.sigmon (at) gmail.com.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Best regards,

eric.b.sigmon (at) gmail.com

Class of 85- 25th Reunion
Our 25th reunion is on October 9, 2010 at
Mt. Kisco Country Club. Please go to http://www.greeley85.com to see all the events planned for the weekend. Hope you all can make it!

Class of '90 - 20 Year Reunion
We're celebrating 20 years...hope everyone from the Class of '90 can make it!

Saturday, October 2, 2010
Public House NYC
140 E. 41st St (at Lexington Ave)
optional $45 open bar
Please RSVP at http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/UXYKNZZGGPUOHWSRWVGC/hghs90reunion

Multi-Class Reunion
A multi-class reunion (1953-1957 HGHS) will be held the weekend of October 1, 2011. For more information and/or contact e-mail: Vintages2000 (at) aol.com or wesbob (at) webtv.net.

Bill Davis, HGHS class of 1954 is vintages2000 (at) aol.com. Yours truly is wesbob (at) webt.net. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

Newest update on the reunion website
Hi all,

The lastest, and probably last significant update on the reunion website is now available for your viewing pleasure. No major changes, just more information and opportunities.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or offer corrections. Please note the parts about sending your deposits in, and letting Peter know if you are attending the picnic, if you haven't already done so.

Here is the link:

Best wishes,


Class of '81 30 year reunion!
The Class of '81 30 year reunion is coming soon! Please join the facebook group "HGHS Class of '81" 118 members so far, all reunion announcements will be posted there.


Class of '60 Reunion Update
Hi all,

I have just updated the reunion web page with a few changes. Please let me know if I have missed something or if you have additonal info.

Here is the link: http://raccoon42.com/reunion_2010_-_the_big_five-oh.htm

Also, I have "updated" the Addresses page and the email addresses page. I say "updated" because no matter how often we make changes, these things just don't stay fixed. Please tell me of changes and I will fix them ASAP.

Also, if anyone knows current contact information for Peter Heerwagen, Sarah Holland, or Swede Murphy, please tell me. We have been in good contact with them all for several years, and just recently, nothing works.

Stay in touch, especially if I need to correct something.

Best wishes,


Final arrangements for the Class of '65's 45th Reunion
The arrangements for the Class of '65's reunion are made and we are excited! Contact Nancy Black (neblack (at) aol.com) ASAP for the invitation, pricing, hotel group rates, and all of the information you will need to make plans for the Aug. 13 - 15, 2010 event at the Holiday Inn Country Manor in Mt. Kisco.

Please ask about "Reunion Scholarships" if you need one in order to attend the Reunion, or if you can donate to the fund.

We hope to hear from everyone who plans to attend by July 9, 2010!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you very soon!

Wrestling reunion
august 6th the Horace Greeley Wrestling alumni golf outing will be played at Hudson Hills golf course (at) 2:00. if you would like to join us please contact coach Mike DeBellis midebellis (at) ccsd.ws

'65 Reunion Planning Meeting
Anyone who would like to help plan the HGHS'65 reunion scheduled at the Holiday Inn Mt. Kisco (Country Manor) for the weekend of August 13 & 14, 2010 is invited to Skip Deems home, Sunday, June 13 (at) 6PM. Only requirement is that you call Skip ASAP so that he and his wife, Mary, can make plans. Skip's information:
SKIP_DEEMS (at) yahoo.com
30 Kisco Park Dr
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
PS Or, join us if you would just like to reminisce or have a few laughs!

50th reunion website update
Hi all,

The reunion website has been updated with some new information. Nothing earth-shaking, but new attendees, things like that.

Here is the link:


Best wishes,

35th Reunion - 2011
Class of 1976 - 35th Reunion - 2011

I hope you're the least fat, bald, broke, and embarrassingly drunk person at our high school reunion!



* Seems premature, but local venues are already getting reserved
* After discussing with Tim Craig (kudos to Tim for past reunion successes), we have volunteered to organize our 35th
* We look forward to making this a great reunion for everyone!

Please stay tuned...
David Figueroa (DavidFigueroa58 (at) comcast.net)
Lisa Butkiewicz (LisaAnnB58 (at) verizon.net)

Reunion Aug 7,2010
We are organizing a reunion this year in August--if you are interested send your e-mail info to hghs69 (at) casano.com
We will be sure to get you all the information!!

50th Reunion in 2011
We are planning our 50th reunion to be held on Oct. 15, 2011 in Mt. Kisco.
Check here for announcments.

Class of '99 Reunion
It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years!

You and a guest are cordially invited to come and reminisce with

Horace Greeley High School's Class of 1999

Friday, November 27
7-10PM (entire space will be private for our group until 10P)
$65 open bar + tasty passed hors'dourves from 7-9P (At 9PM party will turn into a cash bar)

The Gates
290 Eighth Avenue (between 24th + 25th Streets)


$5 of the ticket fee will be donated to the Horace Greeley Alumni Scholarship Fund. For more information: http://www.hgsf.org/

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Look forward to seeing you there!

Justin (Gumby) Nobel + Jenn Tucker (Tuck329 (at) aol.com)

**As you can imagine it is not an easy task to try and locate everyone from our class, so please forward this on to anybody you know from our class**

30th Reunion Plans
We're holding our 30th Reunion in 2010!

If your a fellow greeley'80 grad and want to join us, visit http://www.greeley80.com and register. It's free to join.

If you want to learn about any of our fellow greeley '80 classmates, you can contact me directly at brianbentson (at) earthlink.net and I will forward a message to them!

Local Reunion 2009
We are meeting at Lexington Cafe--for all those interested in Catching Up--On November 28, 2009 Lunch--noon-3
e-mail for more details!!

happy to help with organizing a reunion
I would be glad to help to organize a reunion.

Any interest in 30th Reunion?
We're two years out - any interest in planning/attending a 30th year reunion for the CLASS of 1981?

Class of '60 50th reunion planning
Planning has started for our 50 year reunion. Check out our latest newsletter at http://raccoon42.com/july_2009.htm
for more information.

Multi class re-union
Classes representing Greeley's "Old Guard" roughly 1940-1952 are meeting October 16, 2009 weekend, Holiday Inn, Mt Kisco. Contact Al Hutin at Hutins2 (at) aol.com More than 60 already registered.

Let's Do It
Where are you guys? Let's have a reunion. I'm in and would love to see you all - its been a long time! Debbie McElroy

Class of '81 -

Thanks to all who attended the unofficial Class of '81 reunion Saturday night at the old Mullane's site!
We had a really good turn out & it was really fun to see everyone. Check out all the photos on facebook!

Diane Melen, Class of '81

Anyone interested???
Hey, Class of 1970, can you believe that we are approaching our 40th reunion year and nobody seems to want to gather??? Is that such a frightening landmark, or are we all just too busy in our lives??? If anyone wants to get the ball rolling, I'll help...from Western MA.

Seeking info on 30 Year Reunion
Anyone have info on the 30 year Reunion of class of 1980? Where, When etc??? I would be happy to help out however I can to organize it. I have been living in California now for the past few years, but think I could still help...

Class of 79' Update on 30th Reunion Location
Some of you may already have received information from Michael Cesta a few months back regarding the date and location of our 30th reunion as being June 20th in Parsippany, NJ. I am happy to tell you that it has now been moved to Mt. Kisco and more information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. Michael is a gem for getting the ball rolling on this and he has passed the torch to me!

It is my honor and pleasure to be helping out with the coordination of this event! I do not have the key necessary element to send out invitations: your home address! Please send that to me as soon as your schedules allow at bonnie.cunningham (at) us.pwc.com. Your email address and phone number would also be helpful!

Additionally, I would welcome any assistance you can offer in collecting other classmates contact information. Even if all you have is an email or phone number, I will follow up. The success of this event is dependant on reaching everyone from the Class of 79'!
Additionally, I am on Facebook!

I look forward to hearing back from you and SO appreciate your help in locating others!

Have a great weekend!

Bonnie Cunningham

Class of 1984-25th Reunion!
Hello HGHS Class of 1984! It’s time for our 25th High School Reunion! We are planning our reunion for Columbus Day weekend 2009, October 9th-11th. Friday night will be a casual get-together at QUAKER HILL TAVERN (previously: Mullane's, Peabody's) Saturday will be an organized, evening event (local, tbd) and a family gathering on Sunday at either Gedney Park or one of the local elementary schools (tbd). We hope you will join us at all of the events.

Our first task is to find fellow ’84 HGHS classmates. Sue Guthrie (Harmon) is heading up this project so please contact her through Facebook or at sueharmon77 (at) optonline.net with any contact information you may have. Our Facebook Group is now 67 members strong and growing every day! Check out our Group page: Horace Greeley HS Class of 1984 – reunion http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=34393005551
Please consider joining us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

While Sue is searching for classmates, we are looking for anyone interested in helping with the Saturday night party of our reunion including finding a local party planner and/or a Westchester location/restaurant. Please contact Nancy Webber (Haws) either through Facebook or at her email nancyhaws (at) embarqmail.com.

Thirdly, we would love to have any help from anyone who is willing to offer! Don't be shy and please help us spread this reunion information!

Please be in touch!


Sue & Nancy

HGHS class of '59 50 reunion
We are planning our 50th class reunion. A formal dinner will be held at the Holiday Inn, Mt. Kisco, NY on 10/3/2009. Other activities planned for 10/2/09 and 10/4/09. More info to follow. Save the date and spread the word.

Reunion Set!
The Class of 1979 30th reunion will take place on June 20, 2009 at the Parsippany Hilton in Parsippany, NJ. Please free up your calendar. Contact me directly with questions.

Class of 1980 Reunion
Hey class of '80. Planning a 30 year reunion would like as much help and participationb as possible. Thanks!

Official 30th Reunion Planning
Hello! I am "officially" getting started planning our 30th reunion. Please email me ASAP if you may be interested in attending. drmlcesta (at) msn.com

Class of '89 Reunion
Save the date! October 3, 2009 in NYC.

Please email me your information and I'll send out an email with details in a few months. Hope to see you all.

Class of '73 "Big Chill" Reunion
Ken Creary is organizing the 35th(!) reunion of HGHS Class of '73 for August 8, 2008. Tentative schedule: Friday night at Quaker Hill (Mullane's); Saturday plan to reserve a feld at Bell School from about 1-4 p.m.; then drinks and hanging out by the Mt. Kisco Holiday Inn pool, followed by dinner at Kittle House at about 8:30; Satuday night at Mullane's; hang out at Gedney Park on Sunday. Call Bo Lankenau with questions or suggestions at (919)244-1397.

Will be at reunion..

30 year reunion
The class of 1978 is planning a 30th year reunion for the weekend of June 28th. There will be an informal gathering Friday night (location TBD), cocktails and buffet dinner at the Sawmill Club on Saturday and much more! We're still working out the details and could use some help.If you haven't been getting the emails and would like to,or want to get involved, contact me and I will forward your address to Chuck Gallagher who (of course) is planning this event. Hope to see everyone in June.

42nd reunion
anticipating reunion in august 2008...check w/ nancy laun or mary deems..... be there jsp

Lets Organize Now
I am happy to spearhead a 30th reunion for the class of 1979. I am presently in MN, but imagine I can do a great deal from here. Anyone want to give a hand?

20 Year for '89?
We had a 10 year, it was actually lots of fun. I think Rachel Miller set it up. As for a 20 year - I don't think anything is in the works just yet.

20th Reunion Planned for 6/7-6/8/2008
Go to http://www.HGHS88.com for more details. Hope to see you there.

20th is coming
OK Class of 89, is anything being planned yet for our 20th next year. As far as I know our class has been pretty reunionless.

30th Reunion for Class of '78?
I heard tell that there might be a 30th reunion for the class of '78 sometime in late June of '08 and I'm hoping to learn the particulars. My wife and two boys will be flying into NY (visiting mom, living in Katonah) from Seattle, and I'd love to reconnect if such a reunion is indeed happening. Thanks.

Class of '68 reunion!
The Class of 1968 is planning a reunion for the weekend of July 11-13, 2008. It's been 20 years since the last one. We hope to see all our classmates there!

50th Reunion for Class of 1958
There will be a 50th Reunion for the HGHS Class of 1958 during the weekend of October 24, 25,26, 2008.

If you have not been receiving our annual newsletter with further information, please contact Sandy Rynd Chaleski at srchaleski (at) comcast.net.

We are looking for the following classmates:Charles Fox, Judy Grier Davidson, tom Holland, Jerry Kron, Judy McDonald Ford, Dick Neubert, Brinton Passmore, David Price, Jack Reese, Carsten Theusen, Rudy Cartisano.

10 Yr Reunion! Class of '97
Save-the-Date: 8pm on Saturday, November 24th in New York City (exact location TBD)

Hi there,

It's Debbie Dorman (now Debbie Grishman). I hope this email finds you doing well. Believe it or not it is time to start thinking about our 10 Year High School Reunion which is coming up this Thanksgiving. I found this email address for on the Greeley website but it's seriously outdated so I am in the process of collecting updated email addresses to create a big email list of entire class, so I can keep you posted wall of the Reunion info.

Please write me back if you get this email at deb.dorman (at) gmail.com, so I know the best way to reach you moving forward.

As you can imagine It will not be an easy task for me to try and locate everyone from our class, so please forward this on to anybody you know from our class. I would also really appreciate it if you could send me any email addresses of other classmates whose information you have.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you in November.

Hope to hear from you soon-

PS- My apologies if you get this email more than once, I have some of your information in few different email accounts, but promise to try and
consolidate soon!

8-10/11 it is for sure ???
I got like 50 photographs I photographed from the last reunion and hope to pass them out.

30th Reunion
Anyone know if there is a date planned for 2008? Would love to attend it, but need info now.

Class of 1977
A mass email will be sent soon with the plans for the Class of 77's 30th.

WE changed the date from July 14th to August 10/11. Please check back here or look for an email.

Chappaqua - Friday August 10/11
Go ORange Go Blue!

Class of '88 20 Year Reunion
Plans are in the works for our 20 year reunion. The team that organized the 10 year, is working on the 20 year. We are hoping for a weekend event in New York in the spring of 2008. Any suggestions, questions, or if you want to help, feel free to email me at the above email address.

Class of 67 40th reunion
our 40th reunion will be in Armonk on weekend on Aug 17-19 2007. if you are not in touch with us please email me or check out our yahoo group

want to party
looking to hook up with 1978 grads as well

Planning in the Works
Class of 1977 -
Reunion plans are in the works for our 30th. Schneider, Pfau, Volinsky, (and Burdick/Bartro by phone) had a preliminary meeting and the weekend of July 14th in Chappaqua (2007) works for us!

We are looking to hook up with any DC alum in March to plan. Any NY alum feel free to weigh in and book us a place to meet, eat and be merry.

Happy holidays!

CHANGE TO HGHS Class of '91 15 year reunion
The HGHS class of '91 15 yr. reunion location has changed:

same day, same time (Friday, November 24th. 8:00pm)

Location is now:

Rosie O'grady's
800 7th Avenue (at 52nd)
(212) 582-2975

Be there or be square.

Other classes are welcome to join...


gregharr (at) hotmail.com

HGHS Class of '91 15 Year Reunion!!!
Hello Old Friends & Classmates,

Our 15 year high school reunion is upon us and it's time to spread the word.

Here are the details:

Date: Friday, November 24th, 2006 (the night
after Thanksgiving)
Where: Lederhosen (it's a bar in the West Village
of New York)
Address: 39 Grove Street
(just west of Bleeker Street),
New York, NY. 212-206-7691
Time: 8pm - midnight (and probably later)
Details: 10 bucks at the door. The first 20
pitchers and light apetizers will be
purchased with class funds. The rest is
cash bar. You can also purchase more
food if you're hungry.

The bar is a pretty cool spot. It's a German bar. The place is all ours for the night.

They're staying open just for us. I told them we could round up 80 folks. So, I NEED TO KNOW WHO IS COMING! If we can't get 80 folks, we may have to change the venue.



Thanks and e-mail me with any questions.

- Greg
gregharr (at) hotmail.com
646-228-1501 (c)

20th Reunion for Class of 88
There seem to be many of us around - so let's plan a party. Something for our families - as many of us have those now. If you are interested in helping to organize or are already doing some organization, get in touch.

Class of 1976 30th Reunion Weekend
Friday, October 27th
Class Meeting at Quaker Hill Tavern (formerly Mullane's)

Saturday, October 28th
Class Dinner at Old Chappaqua Library

Sunday, October 29th
Class Brunch at Quaker Hill Tavern

I will be sending out registration forms and announcements within the next week or so. The registration fee will cover the dinner Saturday night only this year, and the other 2 events will be on your own. For those who remember, Sunday always seemed to be a fizzle at Gedney Park, so anyone who wished to meet for brunch may do so, and we will have special pricing available.

Hope to see you all in October.
Tim Craig is presently taking registration forms. Please contact him if you did not get one.

at tim_craig (at) morleynet.com

Class of 1982 25th Anniversary
It is hard to believe that we are approaching 2007 and the 25th anniversary of Devin Standard's graduation speech. Please let me know your contact information and the email address and phone number for any classmates that you have so that we can get started on planning a 25th Reunion that surpasses the very fun and successful 20th Reunion. dan.renberg (at) arentfox.com. Thanks.

Class of '58 50th Preparations
The HGHS Class of 1958 is in the process of planning our 50th Reunion, to be scheduled in 2008. Most classmates are in communication, but we are looking for the following missing persons: Dianne Atchley Wilcox, Charles Fox, Tom Holland, Jerry Kron, Judith McDonald Ford, Dick Neubert, David Price, Jack Rees, and Carsten Theusen. Contact person for the class is Sandy Rynd Chaleski at srchaleski (at) comcast.net

Class of '96 10 Year Reunion
Our 10 year reunion will take place in NYC on Friday, November 24th. Lilly Maisel and I are planning it and will be sending out an electronic invitation. Please send me your email address and anyone else's you might have so the information we have is current! Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

class of 56 reunion
we will be having a 50th reunion the weekend of 9/29-10/1 2006. for details contact sue woodard crawford at crawfordconsult (at) yahoo.com

Interested in a 25-year reunion?

A group of folks is trying to determine if there's interest in a 25-year reunion for the Class of 1981. If you are interested in attending - or even better in helping organize/coordinate - such an event, please join a Yahoo group that has been set up for this purpose by sending an email to:
HGHS1981-subscribe (at) yahoogroups.com

Tim Craig has announced 30th reunion plans
I received the following from Tim in an e-mail. If you did not get this message contact Tim (info at bottom) and get on his list...... Tell everyone from out class about this. This is a big year!

Well it has come again, another big reunion year.

Our 30th reunion is coming up, and I just wanted to pass a few things by you, and see if we can get the response we had at the 25th.

My idea this year is doing the following:

Friday Night Meet at Mullane's (food & beverage on own)
Saturday Football Game
Saturday Night Dinner at the Kittle House (Dinner, beer, wine and sodas included in reunion registration)
Sunday Brunch at Mullane's (food & beverage on own)

The idea is that we have optional Friday night and Sunday brunch, and focus more on the dinner Saturday night. The problem we have had in the past, is that we never get a good crowd on Sunday, when we have had the picnic at Gedney Park, thus we give away most of the food to the police and fire depts. So basically if you want to come on Friday night, then everyone will be there, and you pay as you would going to a bar with friends. Saturday the game is on your own. Then Saturday night we do a main event at the Kittle House as a class, and that would be paid in advance through the registration. Sunday anyone who wants to get together for some last thoughts, could meet again at Mullane's, again food a beverage would be on your own. I will contact the Crabtree's at the Kittle House and see what they can do for us, but I would think with just beer and wine, that the cost would be about $50 per person.

Let me know what you all think, and I will get things started.

Hope all is well.

Tim Craig
Morley Companies, Inc.
Office # (203)-354-0972
Cell # (203)-733-6407
Email: tim_craig (at) morleynet.com

Does anyone know if there will be a 20th reunion for our class of '88?

No 15, will there be a 20?
Does anyone know?

Volunteers for 20th Reunion
Anyone interested in helping me organize our 20 Year Reunion, please email me at rlevy (at) icmtalent.com or call 310-550-4046. Living in LA, I could really use some local assistance.

Class of '95 10 Year Reunion
The Class of 1995 Reunion Committee invites you to our 10-year High School Reunion.

When: Friday, November 25, 2005 9:30pm - 12:30

Where: Frank's Restaurant & Bar, 410 W. 16th Street (between 9th & 10th Ave) - 212.242.6555.

Admission will be $60 per person and will include an open bar (no shots) as well as a selection of heavy appetizers (Chicken fingers, wings, Vegetable Crudités, etc...). No RSVP required. Cash will be collected at the door.

Email Greeley_1995 (at) hotmail.com with any questions.

In addition, the HGSF will have a collection box to accept donations at the reunion and I encourage you all to visit their Web site at http://www.hgsf.org to learn more about the Fund and even make an online donation at http://www.hgsf.org/support_donate.shtml?1995

Class of 2000 Reunion
HGHS Class of 2000 - 5 Year Reunion

David Chen's
85 Old Mt. Kisco Rd, Armonk, NY
When: Friday, November 25, 7:00pm to 11:00pm

E-mail your 5-year reunion coordinators at Greeley2000 (at) gmail.com letting them know:
1. If you're coming or not coming;
2. If you're bringing a guest;
3. If you have updated contact info to share with the class; and
4. If you'd like to help!

Class of '90 15 Year Reunion
Hi Class of '90!! If you haven't already heard, our 15 year reunion is scheduled for Saturday, October 15th from 7:00 - 11:00 pm at the Mt. Kisco Holiday Inn. For more information and to register online, please visit http://www.newenglandreunions.com . If you didn't receive an invitation, that means we don't have your current mailing address - you can update your contact information at that website as well.

So pass the word - the 10 year was a blast and the 15 year promises to be even better!! Register now at http://www.newenglandreunions.com - hope to see everyone there!

Update Please
Yes, my name is no longer Roberta Clark HG '50- "Robbie". Short story: as one who "wears many hats" that I changed to MollyBee Welkin when I settled upon open mike poetry/storytelling performances. Last night I returned from a mass reunion (44-69)in NM -Terrific!! Thus, I would like to recieve an update on ours in September 2005. A studio address with a "penthouse" view on Capital Hill: 1501 17th Ave #1206 Seattle WA 98122 - Wishing you all well, "Bee"

Class of '58 50th Preparations
The Class of '58 has just celebrated our 46th reunion and are beginning to plan our 50th reunion in 2008. Anyone on our active mailing list will be receiving information as it develops. At present, we are missing 10 members from our class mailing list: Dianne Atchley Wilcox, Lowell Brook Pierce, Charles Fox, Tom Holland, Jerry Kron, Judith McDonald Ford, Dick Neubert, David Price, Jack Rees, and Carsten Theusen. If anyone knows how to reach these good folks, please contact me. Also, if you have any news regarding any of our classmates or teachers, please contact me. We do publish an annual newsletter and email messages whenever there is an update needed.

Class of 1995 10 Year Reunion
So, word on the street from our very own Adam Tucker is that our reunion will be held on Friday, November 25th (the Friday after Thanksgiving, for those of you keeping score). Email Adam at Greeley_1995 (at) hotmail.com to get your name on the official Greeley '95 Reunion mailing list.

Class of '90 - 15 Year Reunion
Hi Class of '90!! Looking to coordinate a 15 year reunion - please email me if any plans are already in the works or if you want to help...Thanks!!

40th Reunion, Class of '65
The 40th reunion for the class of 1965 will be held June 25th,2005 in Armonk, NY at the Wellesley Inn. Please contact Nancy Black at neblack (at) aol.com for details.

Class of '65 40th reunion?
Does anybody have information about a Class of 1965 reunion? Having moved back to America from France recently, I am out of touch.
Thank you.

Class of '85 Reunion
The Class of '85 Reunion will take place Saturday, September 10, 2005 at Spasso Ristorante in Bedford Hills. For more information please go to http://www.greatreunions.com

25th Reunion???
Does anyone know if there are plans in the works for a 25th reunion for the Class of '80?
I would be thrilled to help!!

30th Reunion
Is there going to be a 30th reunion for the class of 1975?

Class of '85 Reunion
Great Reunions - the firm who is putting together the class of '85 reunion is looking for a Commencement program from 1985. If you have one, please contact Angela at Great Reunions - angela (at) greatreunions.com . Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Class of '85 Reunion
The class of '85 reunion is now in the planning stages. Please check out www.greatreunions.com for more information.

class of 1921-1960
Our reunion (every 5 years) will be held on September 24-25-26 2005

Please update your address if it has changed in the last five years.

1985 Reunion Planned?
Does anyone know if there are any plans for a 20th reunion?

Any pics from Class of '84 Reunion???
I wasn't able to make it to the reunion but I would love to see pictures of everyone 20 years older. Is there a website out there somewhere?

15 years?
Is there a 15 year reunion planned for the class of '89?

The '99 class reunion is set! Save the date for Friday, November 26th, 2004...more details to come...any questions please email Jenn Tucker: Tuck329 (at) aol.com, or Gumby: justinnobel (at) hotmail.com

30th Reunion Class of1975?
Is anyone planning a re-union for our class in 2005?. I've been on the west coast all this time and have lost contact. Please send any news ASAP.

HGHS 1984 Reunion Info
Hello Quakers!!!!

Well we have made it to the next big step. We have confimred a location and a reunion company. Most, if not all, of you should have gotten an invitation in the mail from Great Reunions with the initial information of the reunion. They are organizing the more formal nite and will be putting together a bio book, program, etc. We (especially Marjorie Becker) have been working really closely with this company for months to secure the perfect location for our reunion and we believe we have found it with Spasso Ristorante in Bedford Hills.

If you did not recieve a invitation, that means we do not have your correct mailing address, please send it to me ASAP and in the meanwhile you can still sign up online at GreatReunions.com for your tickets. The sooner you purchase your tickets the easier it will be for the company and your reunion committee to get an idea of the numbers we will be hosting.

In addition we are confirming some other activities for the long weekend. We are hoping to secure a HGHS tour on Friday afternoon, a family (kids included) BYO picnic at Westorchard on Sunday and encouraging smaller get-togethers for "old" friends on Friday or Sunday evening and Monday for anyone who still needs more time to catch up.

I have already heard of great stories of old classmates reconnecting since we have started this organization and I would continue to encourage all of you to join in and make someones day by sending them a note and telling them a fun story you remember about them. I will probably be sending out the contacted list with current e-mails and the still missing list this Sunday night. Please continue to help locate the missing alumni! We couldn't have found so many without all of your help! Thank you!!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. This reunion is for all of us and we want it to be just what you all hoped it would be like!

*love, Nancy Webber Haws

1984 20 yr reunion is on!
We are very busy planning our 20 year reunion. Will you please contact me if you need more information regarding the details at bhaws35096 (at) aol.com!! Thanks - Nancy Webber

Since I've just started to see people from HGHS after nine years I was wondering if there will be a 10 year reunion. If anyone has an information that would be great. I'd like to come even though I ended up not graduating frok Greeley. I hope that will be OK. I feel more conected to Geeley than to where I graduated since I spent three years there. I hope that won't be a problem for anyone. I'd like to help organize it, but I'm not sure who to contact. Any info would be greatly appriciated.

I know I bailed on the 5 year reunion, but has anyone heard rumors of a 10 year in the works?

Class of '84 20-year reunion ?
Any one know if we have a 20-year reunion planned?

Also wondering about a 25 year reunion
It's mid-March already... and twenty five years later...

Wondering if there are plans for a 25th reunion in the works.

Class of '94 Reunion
It's that time...Our 10 year reunion is approaching quickly. If you have not already been in touch with Lauren Ennis or Jon Breen, please send your email or contact information to greeley94reunion (at) yahoo.com. There are a number of you we are still searching for. The reunion will be held Thanksgiving Weekend, 2004. Details to follow. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Anyone knows about a reunion of Class of 84?
If anyone knows please let me know Thanks.

Is asnyoner still alive from our class?
I an planning a 1965 reunion. I need to know if anyone knows how many people where in our gtraduating class. Does anyine still have a yearbook?

Class of 98 Reunion
Hey Everybody the class of 98 reunion will be held they day after thanksgiving at David Chens at 7pm. Its 35 bucks for all you can eat and all you can drink. Please have a DD (I dont think safe rides is on-call :) )

Looking for Class of 93 Alumni
After 10 wild and wonderful years, the Horace Greeley High School class of 1993 is planning its one-decade reunion. The event is scheduled for Saturday November 29, 2003.

To make sure we have your contact information, please send an e-mail with your name, address and phone number to hghsclassof93 (at) hotmail.com.

More information will be available later this summer.

Are we thinking of a 25th
IS anyone thinking of a 25th reunion for '79 next year? If so I would be able to help to wahtever degree I can from VA.

Class of 78 Reunion
Chuck Gallagher is planning the 25th reunion for the Class of 78. It's set for July 12th. He's sending out periodic updates. His email is cgalla6179 (at) aol.com

Are we having one?
Are we having a 10 year reunion? If so, who is organizing it?

Horace Greeley High School Class of 1963 Reunion
This is a message from RUTH-ELLEN BLODGETT and Classmates.com.

To learn more about Horace Greeley High School Class of 1963 Reunion, go to your reunion page at Classmates.com by clicking the link below:

Someone in the area
I've noticed several open questions about a class of '78 reunion. The sub-text (in my opinion) is the request for someone in the area to coordinate that reunion. I volunteer to handle the cyber end of it -- emailing, maintaining a sign-up list, etc. If anyone in Westchester is interested in doing this, I'll work with you. --Marshall

25 reunion?
I also live out of town and was wondering about plans for a 25th reunion? I live in the DC area.

Julie Novick Feshbach

1983 20th reunion?
Are there any plans for a 20th reunion for the class of 1983?

Class of 1978
This year will be **25** years for the Class of '78. I'm hoping there's someone out there who knows something about reunion plans. I've been wondering if there is going to be one, so if you know what's going on, let me know. I'd love to be in touch with old friends. Take care, Steven Bock of Bainbridge Island in Washington

Ten Years Later
Hi 1993 Graduates!! How are we all doing? I hope everyone is doing well. Can you believe it? We have been out for 10 whole years. Look foward to seeing everyone after a ten year intermission. Please keep me posted on anything that pertains to our reunion, thanks. Till then............... If anyone wants to say hi, please email me whenever you like

Are we getting together for a 25th
I am interested in helping with our 25th. Anyone can contact me and I will repond. I have been in contact with some of the people who did not make the 20th. So please let me know what is going on. I waited 20 years to find my high school sweetheart and I married her. So let me know what is going on. See YA Spike

Class of 1992 Tenth Reunion!
Please join your classmates for our TENTH REUNION!
Saturday November 30th in NYC
219th 9th Avenue
between 23rd & 24th
Please email amiller (at) oxo.com to confirm.

from: Greeley Class of '97
location: David Chen Chinese Restaurant - 85 Old Mount Kisco Road, Armonk, NY
View Map
phone: (914) 273-6767
when: Friday, November 29, 7:00pm
The Reunion costs $31/person for all-you-can-drink-and-eat from

Please RSVP and send money in NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 30, 2002.

*All checks should be made payable to "David Chen Chinese Restaurant".

Please send all checks to:
Debbie Dorman
Class '97 Reunion RSVP
20 Pamela Place
Millwood, NY 10546


Looking for graduates class of 63
Thinking about a Reuion, want to stay in touch etc, send me your e-mail or or snail-mail address. Take care

reunion photos
class of 67 had our 35th reunion last weekend and it was quite wonderful. our group mailing site is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/greeley67/ and our reunion photos can be viewed at: http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?m=3491261503.22724754503&n=614657336
Susan Sterngold

Class of 1982 Reunion set for October
The reunion is planned for the weekend of Oct 5th
Oct 4th - Friday Night informal gathering at Peabody's (was Mullanes)
Oct 5th - Saturday 6:00 - 9:30+ Dinner and DJ at Chart House Restaurant.
Oct 6th - Sunday Noon Picnic.
Contact Dan Renberg, Karin Papes (& other local volunteers), Mary (Young) Swan, Tom O'Brien or Jon Webber. Save the First weekend in October!! Mailing to Follow. (We have 360 alumni names, 225 mailing address 191 e-mails. Please help us find and invite everyone)

Reunion in 2002?
I am dismayed that we didn't have a reunion planned for this summer. Is there any interest in working on a reunion for sometime towards the end of the year (Nov / Dec)? (I'll volunteer if I have some help.)

Class of 1992 Tenth Reunion!
Cocktails & Dinner in NYC
...details to come.

25th Reunion
The reunion is set for July 5-7th, 2002. If you haven't received info or a questionnaire yet please contact me at tangoinc1 (at) aol.com Just a reminder that you need to get photos/bios in for the directory asap.

25 Years?
25 years? Good God, who'd a thunk it? I have a good idea, let's have a reunion! Get in touch with me to see about putting one together.

Any class reunion?
Does anyone have any information about a reunion for the class of 1982? It would be great to catch up with all of you.

'92 Reunion
Just a few months left and no reunion notice? Will someone at least schedule a reunion so we can debate about showing up?

35th reunion class of 1967
Save August 16-18 for the 35th reunion of the class of 1967-Ramada Inn Armonk we have a mailing list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/greeley67 contact Susan Sterngold 845-357-7837 banjolady (at) unforgettable.com or linda stanley macneal at 914-238-3045 for further information

30th Reunion Plans???
Are there any plans for a 30th Reunion this year for the class of 1972??? Please let me know. I would like to get there if I can, from my home in Colombia, South America.

If anybody is out there lets get together and party. It's our 10th year reunion people. I known I missed the 5th year reunion, but come on people. We are older now and most of us have not stayed in touch. Since 9-11, I've done alot of soul searching and realize life is too short. Yeah, some of us didn't get along with each other, but we were a family in away. Like family we need to check up on each other once in awhile. We grow up and forget our past friend. It's time to come home. We all changed. Plus it's a good reason to get dolled up. Life is short we need to party more. Any news about a CLASS REUNION please let me know. I would love to see everybody again.

HGHS '62: 40th Reunion
The HGHS Class of "62 will gather for its 40th Reunion from Friday, June 21 - Sunday, June 23, 2002. Our celebration will be held at the Ramada Inn, Armonk, NY. Please contact Cindy at CindyVH (at) aol.com for information.

10 year Reunion for the Class of '92
Just wondering if there were any plans in the making for a 10 year reunion for the Class of '92. Let's make it a blast! Anyone know how to get in touch with our class pres. Abby? Let's get a move on... Hope everyone is doing well.

Class of '91 Reunion Blowout Information
HGHS Class of 1991
10 Year Reunion

Saturday, November 24, 2001
(that's Saturday after Thanksgiving)
8-12 in the pm

Typhoon Brewery
nice place, trust me.
22 East 54th Street (b/w Mad. & Fifth)

$20 cover
food served
cash bar

rsvp to (please rsvp if your coming)
harr10yearhghs91reunion (at) hotmail.com
also send questions there

we're gonna blow-out the place

yes we is

- greg harr

Class of '77 hits 25th year!
Yes it's true. We're all in our 40's, which might seem less than exciting news until you realize it means that the 25th reunion of the Class of '77 (widely believed to be Greeley's most apathetic class) is almost here! Plans are underway (thanks to Sue Schneider and her team) to have a reunion in and around Chappaqua the weekend following July 4th, 2002. The events will likely kick off with a cocktail hour and orientation on Friday evening, followed by dinner on Saturday and a BYO picnic on Sunday. As the plans solidify they will be posted here, so keep checking. Most importantly, be sure you and your buddies have submitted address/phone/email information to Barbara Lyman at varangis (at) starpower.net. At this point I have located just over 130 from our class of over 300. If you haven't responded to my email and/or letter please do so quickly. The restaurant and cocktail hour location depend heavily on how many people we expect to come to the reunion.

Class of 1976 25th Reunion Photos
Photos from the 25th reunion for the class of 1976, held in October 2001, can be found at http://home.stny.rr.com/hghsclassof1976/

Hello! There are a few H.G.H.S. Grads living in the D.C. Area, Pat Nelson ('79) just got moved to corporate MCI, My brother Kevin ('78) lives in VA. Who else is around???
Maybe we could have a 'bash'...
e-mail me and let me know!

Reunion News?
This is the first time I've written on this site. Any news of any 10 year reunion plans in the making for the Class of 92'?

Class of '77 Directory
Not to distract from the stripper news, but there is more to HGHS than just scandal. To be specific, a couple hundred more '77 alumni yet to be included in the class directory I'm putting together. This is not connected with the Harris Publishing directory that I understand is due for publication around January. I hope that with current addresses in hand, a reunion committee can be formed to put together a 25th reunion for our class. Time is getting short, however, so if you haven't been in touch with me yet to provide or confirm your address please email me now! I have 90 entries to date, but we had over 300 in the class. If your email is not on the hghs.org sight why not add it now. I have seen many names that appear at gradfinder.com and Classmates.com that don't appear here and this sight disseminates information for free! Think about it. If you don't add your name to this list your cheap friends may never find you. My email is varangis (at) starpower.net Hope to hear from you '77 grads soon!

HGHS Class of '62 -- Reunion 2002
The Horace Greeley High School Class of '62 will be holding its 40th Reunion at the Ramada Inn in Armonk from June 21-23, 2002. The celebration will include a Friday night party, Saturday Faculty/Family Picnic, Saturday night Grand Buffet, and Sunday morning brunch. For more information, both about our class and about our reunion, contact Cindy Roach Van Hooser at CindyVH (at) aol.com. Hope to see everyone there!

Greetings from the President of HGHS Class of 1991, Greg Harr. When I ran for office some 12 years ago - I promised "A vote for Harr, is a vote for the future!" Ladies and Gentleman, the FUTURE is HERE! It is time to reflect on how little we've all accomplished in the ten years since we graduated. And it is time for us all to come together to recognize our under-achievements and to celebrate them. Celebrate them as a group! The get together will be held over Thanksgiving weekend. The details are yet to be finalized but it will be in Manhattan. I've set up an e-mail address "harr10yearhghs91reunion (at) hotmail.com" - this will serve as the central command center for the reunion - the nucleus, if you will. And I, Greg Harr, will control it. I will use this site to disburse information (like the details of the reunion) and to hear my peoples voices (like who's coming). The main thing right now is that I collect everyone's e-mail address at the aforementioned address and consequently open up the channels of communication. SO PLEASE SEND YOUR ADDRESS TO THAT ADDRESS AND OTHERS' THAT YOU KNOW. When you send addresses to that reunion address please include them in the "cc" or "to" column (easier for me to put them in the address book).

God Bless You - and God Bless Horace Greeley High School!

Greg Harr, President

Class of '72Reunion plans
Having found out about this wonderful website from my older brother, Paul (Big Gibby), I started reading all the reunion news. Does anyone know of plans for a 30 year reunion of the class of '72 in 2002? Bev Lawrence Orser et al did such a fantastic job for our 20 year gathering. It would be a shame if we let this opportiunity slip by! Let's keep in touch.

Reunion Announcement
The great Class of 1952 (57 members strong) will be celebrating our 50th HGHS Reunion at the Arrowwoods Resort in Rye, NY the weekend of September 28-30, 2002. I have written to all of those for whome I have addresses, but have heard from only 15. Please let me know whether you are even the slightest bit interested in joining us. We have some great plans!! Need addresses for Clark Hogan, Fred Frost, Marie-Claude Devys, Randy Brownell, Bettina Wallis, Alex Turner, and Jennie Williamson. Need email addresses for the rest of you!. For reunion questions please contact me at: shcbnb (at) endor.com or (603) 768-3467.

Don Buebendorf, 61 Eastern District Rd., Danbury, NH 03230

30th Reunion Update
If you have not been contacted about our 30th reunion on July 6,7,8, 2001 you are lost, and you need to get your mailing address to Reunions Unlimited at (732)617-1000. Also get your E-Mail address ASAP to: Cathy Callager... CGallag108 (at) aol.com.

same question!
I was hoping there is something planned for our 20th reunion. Please email me at epalawyer (at) aol.com if anyone has info

Are there any plans for a 20th reunion for the class of 1981?

30th Reunion
Carol Hall, Gary Anderson, Tommy Mullane are helping me put together a 30th reunion in September 21-23, 2001. For information please log on to gradfinder.com A letter will be out in the mail soon to all classmates about our plans. Please feel free to e-mail me at andreawd (at) yahoo.com Hope to see you all in September.

25th Reunion
A few classmates and I are putting together a 25th reunion for sometime in October 2001. Anyone who is interested please contact me by e-mail, and I will add your name to the list. A mailing for the reunion, with confirmed dates, will be mailed by mid March. Hope to see all of the class then.

Reunion 2002
Please e-mail if you are interested in a 25th reunion sometime in June 2002. Please include locations and phone numbers of all "Class of 1977" people you are still in contact with. Also, please let me know if you are interested in volunteering to organize this thing!

Is anyone interested?
We haven't had a reunion since our 10th in 1987. I sent out an updated list of our class with e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Has anyone else picked up the ball?

15 year reunion?
I missed our 10 year reunion because I was living in Japan. I am hoping to find out about a 15 year reunion in time to make travel plans. I am flying T-1s in the AF. I live in Enid,OK with my husband, Kelly Kleifges, also an AF pilot, and my 15 month old son, Jacob. I'd love to hear from some old friends. Cathy

The Class of 1996 5 year reunion!
In order for us to keep everyone updated about the plans, we need class members to update their contact information. We would also welcome any class member that wants to help plan the event. Please email your information to either B.J. Markus or Lindsay Ennis.

Chiefpr1 (at) bestweb.net or lme410 (at) yahoo.com

1991 10-year reunion
Hello everyone! Saw Celeste's post and thought I would respond. I just attended the HGHS 10-year reunion for the class of 1990 with my husband (Scott Singer) and it was an absolute blast. It was held in NYC at the seaport and there was a great turnout. I'm definitely hoping that we too can pull something together for our 10-year reunion. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Send an email and let me know what you're up to!

What's up?
Just thinking lately that our 10 year reunion is just around the corner. WOW has it been that long since we sat in the senior section?

Any ideas? Who is doing the planning?
Greg Harr I think is in charge - isn't he the class president or something like that????

Keep me posted!

Will our class be having a 20 year reunion this year (2001)?

class of 67 2002 reunion
We are looking for classmates in Horace Greeley HS class of 67 who are online and not yet hooked up with us. We're planning a reunion for the summer of 2002 and looking for cool essence-of-old-chappaqua things to do that will spark our aging memories. We'd also love to hear from folks who were around from 1955-75 and get more ideas for reunion locales and activities. We usually do a 3 day get together.

Class of '71 30th Reunion
We have set a date for out 30th reunion. The main event will be on Saturday, July 7, 2001. It will be a buffet dinner/dance at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown. For more information contact:

Reunions Unlimited at (732) 617-1000 or e-mail at ruparty (at) al.com

Class of 1990 Ten Year Reunion
We, Abby Rosin, Dave Irwin, and Brad Demuth, have booked a reunion plan.

Day: Friday, November 24, 2000
Time: 7:00 to 11:00 p.m.
Where: Harbour Lights located on the 3rd floor of Southstreet Seaport in New York City
What: Open bar and hors d'oevres
Cost: $50/person

In order to make the appropriate arrangements we need to get a tentative head count. Please RSVP ASAP by responding to this email and letting us know whether you are interested in coming and how many others you expect to join you.

We also ask that you forward to us the email address of anyone who is not listed above so that can keep everone informed.

Spread the word.

HGHS Class of 1995 Reunion
The Class of 1995 reunion will be held at David Chen's restuarant from 7:30 to 11 on Friday November 24. Dinner will be served and there is an open bar included in the price. Since we have to put down a deposit, if you are able please send checks for $35 made out to "Chappaqua Central School District - Class of 1995 Alumni Fund" as soon as possible. Checks can be sent to Adam Tucker, at 230 W 55th St. Apt 19D. NY, NY 10019. We look forward to seeing everyone there. PLEASES SPREAD THE WORD TO ANYONE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS MAILING. RSVP by November 14.


Class of '60 Reunion Update
The reunion web page has been updated with some more attendees and is avalilabe for your viewing pleasure at the URL below. See you in October!


Class of '95 Reunion
We are still gathering names and email addresses, in order to contact as many people as possible, so that everyone is aware of the reunion. For those of you new to this mailing, the reunion is set for the evening of Saturday, November 25 at a location to be determined. (Somewhere near Chappaqua is preferred)

At this point, I would like to ask everyone to please forward me a mailing address so we can send official invitations once they are prepared. Also, if you can forward me any other new email addresses, please do so ASAP.

For those of you who have expressed an interest in helping to organize the big event, there will be a short meeting next monday night (Sept 25) at 7pm, somewhere near Grand Central Station in NYC. I have not determined an exact location, but as I get an idea of how many are expected to attend, a final location will be set. I realize that this is not ideal for everyone, I am just trying to accomodate as many people as I can.

For those of you who are interested, but can't attend, please let me know and I will make sure that you are kept up to date.

Class of '60 Reunion Update
The latest web page update on the reunion is availabe for your viewing pleasure at the URL below. I have also mailed the dreaded "hard copy" to everyone, just in case you are one of those folks who only checks e-mail on a semi-annual basis.
Hope to see you all at the reunion.

Best wishes,


Class of '95 Reunion Information

As many of you may know, our fifth year class reunion is approaching. It is scheduled for the Saturday following Thanksgiving (November 25). We will need volunteers to help plan and organize the event. Please think about whether you would be interested in assisting. We can use all the help we can get.

We will begin recruiting volunteers soon, but at this point in time, I am trying to gather as many contacts as possible. I ask you to either forward me all the email addresses you have of Class of '95 members or have them contact me.

I appreciate everyone's help in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you all.

(212) 520-2842

Class of '82 Reunion Information
In keeping with the age-old Greeley tradition of once a class officer, always a class officer, I would be happy to work with my classmates on pulling together a 20th Reunion for 2002. We had a great 10th and some of the mail addresses might still be good. If anyone from the Class of 1982 comes across this message, I hope they'll email me at TheRenbergs (at) worldnet.att.net and let me know how to find them by snail mail, phone, and computer.

Class of '50 Reunion Announcement
HGHS 1950 CLASS-- 50th Reunion...including other classes 1939-1954 have been invited. Earl indications are for a good turnout, but need confirmations NOW. Class of 1951 will also have BIG presence.

September 29 Friday Arrival Holiday Inn, Mt. Kisco Coctail Party 6-8 p.m.
  • private room Heavy hor d'oeuvres
  • Cash Bar
  • dinner for those who desire.
  • You're on your own. $17.00pp

September 30 Saturday Bell School Breakfast
  • Visit Museum/Historical Tour $9.00

September 30 Saturday Holdica Inn, Mt Kisco
  • Dinner-Dance 7-11 p.m. Great DJ Booked --from Class of 49 reunion. $43.00pp

October 1 Sunday Breakfast Buffet 8:30 Holiday Inn --Departure.$11.00pp
Holiday Inn Reservatiions for "Greeley Weekend" 914-241-2600 $119.00 per night.
Send Reunion checks and confirmations - Mail to:
HGHS Reunion 2000, Al Hutin 49 Highland Avenue, Chappaqua, New York 10514
Bert Griffith 810-245-5645
Ada Harcourt Raymond -413-528-5251
Lillian Schroeder Boardman - 802-863-1586
Jack Diamond 203-272-2275
Gay Forsythe Reich 703-536-4287
Nick Palmieri 914-277-2201
Connie Ketchum 207-985-2994
Joe Infantino 914-238-9383

Class of '80 Reunion Announcement
There are 3 events planned from June 30 - July 2 beginning with a casual gathering at Calhoun's Restaurant in Chappaqua on Friday night at 9:00pm. Saturday evening there is an outdoor dinner/dance at the North Salem Winery beginning at 7:00pm, and the reunion ends with a family picnic at West Orchard School starting at 11:30am. For more information and to sign up to attend please email Pat Sassano vanderHeijden at vanderclan (at) juno.com and please check out our reunion web site at http://www.quaker80.com/.

Class of '70 Reunion
Hello fellow Greeleyites!
I graduated in 1970 and thought we would have a reunion this year - the millenium- 30 years! Doesn't that sound like a special event to you? Who do we contact for information? E-mail me if you are interested. Maybe we can get something started. I'm out in California-anybody else out here? Let's get it together and make it happen!

Joyce Walker Swift - class 1970 email address - michelleg (at) oco.net

High School Memories
Hi everyone still alive from class of 1951. I stumbled across this site while checking out information for one of my chilcren. I remember my High School years now, as the best time of my life. The teachers were better than anyone my children had. We had a wonderful education that none of us really appreciated at the time. Hope that I will hear from someone in my class, as I have never been back for a reunion. Maybe, I will get to # 50 if we have one. Love and best wishes to all. Inge

More Class of '69 Reunion
Use the following URL for more Class of '69 info:


Class of '76 Reunion info wanted
I am looking for any information on upcoming Alumni events for the class of 1976.

[for that matter, we're always looking for more reunion info, so if you've got any, throw it our way - jcn]

Class of '60 Reunion
The class of '60 will hold our 40-year reunion the weekend of October 14th, 2000. The website URL below will give you all the info I have so far. I will be updating the page as things develop.


Class of '69 Reunion Information
The Class of 1969 will hold a reunion the weekend of August 11, 12, 13, 2000. Friday and Saturday dinners will be at the Holiday Inn in Mount Kisco. We are still planning daytime events for Saturday. Contact Katie Laun Webb at the above email or Barbara Telesco Hall at: LadyB (at) bestweb.net. Barbara is managing our growing email list and can get help you join our website.

Class of '70 Reunion Info Wanted
I went straight to California after graduation, and haven't been back much since. A 30 year reunion could be great fun. Anyone interested, or anything planned?

I've spent most of the last 25 years working in the high-tech electronics field, have two boys one in college, one graduating from high school this year. I also do Wilderness Search and Rescue in the mountain and desert areas of Southern California, and I am changing my career from high-tech to outdoor education.

Let me know if you are interested in a reunion.

Class of '75 Reunion Info Wanted
I am a 1975 graduate of Greeley looking for 25th reunion information. Would anybody be able to help me find out if there is going to be one or not and when or if the Clintons are driving everybody away. Much thanks.

Class of '89 10 Year Reunion
SAVE THE DATE! We are having our ten year reunion. The most likely date is Friday, November 26, 1999 - Thanksgiving Weekend. Please help us track down other members from our class by emailing me any addresses, phone numbers or email addresses of people you keep in touch with. Thanks.

Class of '59 Reuinion
Class of '59 Reunion, Sept. 10, 1999, Sept. 11, 1999 and Sept. 12, 1999

Fri. 9/10/99
6 PM: Dinner-Pot Luck at Bart & Lucy Carlson's home

Sat. 9/11/99
9:30 AM: Welcoming reception at the Bell School with coffee, etc.
Noon: Lunch at the courtyard with various activities throughout the afternoon.
7 PM Class dinner at Travelers Rest in Millwood

Sun. 9/12/99
10 AM Farewell Brunch.

Help us find missing classmates-we still do not have current addresses for the following:
  • Jon Baldwin
  • Leila White Gorton
  • John McPeake
  • Peter Block
  • Tom Harris
  • Ginny Miller
  • John Brennan III
  • Diane Russell Keith
  • Russ Powers
  • Mat Brennan
  • Clover Koopman
  • Janet Shipman
  • Connie Burke Caparotta
  • Betsy Greenleaf Lowe
  • Mary Fiander
  • Kevin Malone

For further details or if you have not yet received a reunion mailing, please contact:

Dan Harley
43 Kathleen La.
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
email: dmharley1 (at) aol.com


Bart & Lucy Carlson
104 So. Bedford Rd.
Pound Ridge, NY 10576
email: bartcarlson (at) att.net

'78 Reuinion
HGHS Class of '78 is having their second annual class picnic at Gedney Park on Sunday, June 6, 1999, from 11am to 5pm. We will be setting up past the lake, on the left. Last year we had a great turn out and lots of fun. Hope to see you this year. Kids are welcome and encouraged. Though we may end up providing some food and drink, at this point it is just bring your own. Questions? Contact Jeff Kerper at 914-686-0700 or jeffkerper (at) aol.com.

Class of '74 Reunion
Class of 74 reunion, August 13, 14, 15th, 1999.

Fri 13th Eve: Peabody's (Will always be Mullane's Mug!)
Sat 14th Day: Gedney Park Family Picnic - 11am-5pm
Sat 14th Eve: Holiday Inn, Mt.Kisco. Dinner & Dance.
Sun 15th: undecided at this time.

Contact: Chris Keane # & FX: 914-533-5560 (day) / 533-6076 (eve)

Class of '79 Reunion
Date: Saturday July 10th, 8 p.m.
Place: Crowne Plaza Hotel, 66 Hale Ave., White Plains
Cost: $65/person

RSVP to Reunions Unlimited by June 18th. Their address is PO Box 150, Englishtown, NJ 07726; Phone (732) 617-1000; Fax (732) 617-8930. If you haven't received their mailing, I'd contact them for more details as they have additional info about hotel reservations and discounted airline tickets. And also a questionnaire to fill out for a directory that will be distributed...

Does anyone else receive these mailings? I kind of think I would've easily fit the yearbook superlative "Least likely to advertise high school reunions" way back when... but, well, that was way back then, and no one else has done so here. And it _does_ seem like a milestone of sorts...

Class of '67 Birthday!
The Class of 1967 is having it's 50th Birthday!

To celebrate this milestone, the Reunion Committee has mailed/emailed each Classmate a 'birthday' card to verify their latest address, collect gossip, and determine whether to hold the next Reunion in the year 2002 [35 years] or 2007 [40 years].

Classmates are encouraged to send their responses directly to:

Linda (Stanley) MacNeal
Address: 57 Marcourt Drive, Chappaqua, New York 10514
Phone: (914) 238-3045
E-Mail: bozo (at) attglobal.net


Susan Sterngold
E-Mail: banjolady (at) unforgettable.com


Bill Barron
E-Mail: HGHS_1967 (at) aol.com

We hope to track down everyone to wish them a Happy Birthday!

Class of '77 25th reunion!
I have contacted Rich Taylor and we agreed to start the process for planning the 25th reunion. All 1977 grads can pitch in by sending in all e-mail addresses of known 1977 grads to this address. Let's fill up our class alumni page and get this thing going over the internet!

Class of '59 40th reunion!
The Horace Greeley High School Class of 1959 40th reunion is scheduled for the weekend of Friday, Sept 10, 1999. For further information or in order to add your name or any other "lost" fellow classmates' names to our mailing list for newsletters, please contact:

Bart Carlson or Lucy Carlson
104 So. Bedford Road
Pound Ridge NY 10576
e-mail: bartcarlson (at) att.net
Dan Harley
43 Kathleen Lane
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
e-mail: dmharley1 (at) aol.com

Looking forward to seeing many of our classmates at this reunion.

Class of '80 Reunion!
Patti Sassano (now van der Heijden) '80 is organizing the 20 year reuinion to be held sometime during the summer of 2000. She needs all the help she can get in trackind down class of 1980 graduates adn in planning the reuinion. If you would like to help out, or if you have any questions about the reuinion, please contact her at vanderclan (at) juno.com and let her know that we sent you to her.

Class of '69 Reunion!
OK, I'm trying to start the ball rolling. I'm willing to pull together Email lists and info and start sifting through suggestions. Since we're so late starting, I thought perhaps the 3rd or 4th weekend in August might be feasible.....I have time to put into this now (winter) but once gardening season hits I am going to be hard pressed to scrape any extra time. So, anyone interested in being included in the updates or helping with the arrangements should contact Barbara Hall (Herbie...) at P.O.Box 271, Cold Spring, NY 10516 or better yet, Email me at ladyb (at) bestweb.net

Ah, the CLASS OF '69......It took us 12 years to have our 10th reunion, let's see if we can get it right this time! Looking forward to hearing from all of you (and a few pretty complete bios can be seen at: http://gradfinder.com/show_school.asp?schoolID=26829

Barbara Telesco Hall

Class of '79 Reunion!
It's being organized by a firm called Reunions Unlimited, Inc. (Address: PO Box 150, Englishtown, NJ 07726 Phone:732-617-1000 Fax:732-617-8930) The reunion committee is: Terry Cohen Bernard, Betsy Bagwill, Megan Chestnut, and Stuart Taylor. AND THE BIG DATE IS...

July 10th, 1999.

Details, they say, are forthcoming...approximately three months before the event. Those interested should probably contact Reunions Unlimited. I'm happy to post any updates I receive. But then again, with three little children tugging at my pant legs, I'm not the most reliable resource...

Thanks for the info Lexi, and good luck with thos kids! -jcn

Class of '77 Reunion? Anyone?
Okay, I am a total gimp and just completely missed this email that was sent to me a month ago. Boy, I really dropped the ball. Anyway.

Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 22:38:12 EDT
From: READMJ (at) aol.com
Subject: no reunion for class of 77

According to my sources, limited at best, there was not a reunion for our class's 20th....hmmmm..don't know why or what is going on...I even called HGHS and talked to Mr. Breen....
I don't know how we missed the boat or why one of those reunion companies couldn't have gotten it organized for all of us successful, busy Greeley alumni....
I don't what this means for future classes or for our 25th reunion.. Any ideas or info. please pass it on..
Martha (Volinsky) Johnson at readmj (at) aol.com

Reunion Information! - Class of '88
Plans for the HGHS Class of '88 reuinion are underway, but you don't have to take my word for it. Find out all the juice at http://www.frontburner.net/hghs88/ and tell them I sent you there (makes me look good, ya know).

Reunion Information Request - Class of '80
I'd like to see if anyone else from the class of '80 is interested in organizing a 20th reunion for '00.

Reunion Information - Class of '58
The Horace Greeley High School, Class of '58 40th Reunion is scheduled for
Saturday, September 19,1998. For further information, or in order to add
your name to our mailing list for annual newsletters, please contact:

Sandy (Rynd) Chaleski '58
23 Farview Road
Brookfield, CT 06804

Reunion Information - Class of '88
The email address for the class of '88 reunion is hghs88 (at) aol.com.

Reunion Request - Class of '88
How about a 10 year reunion for those '88ers? Come on. Someone out there must know something. Anyone? Help me out.

Reunion Request - Class of '83
Anyone heard about a 15 year reunion for the class of '83? Anyone? Please mail me at jcn (at) hghs.org with any info you might have. Thanks.

Reunion Announcement - Class of '73
The 25th Reunion for the Class of 1973 will be held during the weekend of August 14-15, 1998 in the Westchester County area. Further details forthcoming, but if you want more information, please contact Jody Rimmer Mance at JoRim1103 (at) aol.com.

Reunion Advice
HI fellow alums-
We (class of 67) had a reunion last summer which was a 3 day affair and it was great. When you are planning a reunion, try to have it go on for more than one day because there is never enough time to really catch up with anyone and you will get more people that way. Good luck to all of you...


Susan Sterngold '67
and the Wolves of Suffern (a little NW of NYC)

Class of '78 Reuinion info wanted
Like many others, I am wondering if there are any plans for our 20th reunion next summer. I'm willing to help, but since I'm in the midwest, I was hoping that someone in the NYC area would be coordinating it. As I see it, nothing fancy is necessary. If memory serves me right, we were always able to make our own fun! If anybody reads this, let me know what I can do to help.

Class of '69 Reunion info wanted
Okay, we need some info on the class of '69 reunion coming up. You know, 30 years is right around the corner. If you have any ideas, just mail me. Please. Help me help you. Or something like that. Just let me know.

Announcing the Class of '87 reunion!
The class of 1987 will have it's 10 year reunion at the Armonk Ramada Inn, Saturday, November 29th from 7pm-12am. ($35/person)

Please contact Rachel Green for more information.
(212) 956-0952
rachelg (at) classicsports.com

Wanted - Class of '78 reunion info
Okay, so next year will be 20 years for the Class of '78. I'm sure there's someone out there who knows something about reunion plans. I've been getting a whole bunch of requests for info, so if you know what's going on, let me know. Please!

As always, fill out the form linked above, or mail me at jcn (at) hghs.org.

Class of '67 - Reunion info!
The class of '67 will be holding its on July 25-27, 1997 at the Armonk Ramada. Contact Linda (Stanley) MacNeal '67 at bozo (at) attglobal.net for more information.

Class of '62 - Reunion info!
The Class of '62 reunion will be held the weekend of June 27-29, 1997. Friday night, after dinner, there will be a party at the home of Tom and Bonnie Trotta (Tom is Rosemarie's brother and he and his wife have lent their home for the event) in Kisco Park. Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. there will be a family picnic at the home of Peter and Fran Turner Davidson. Saturday night from 7 p.m. until ? there will be an informal buffet at the Holiday Inn-Mt. Kisco. Sunday from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m., there will be a buffet breakfast at the Holiday Inn-Mt. Kisco.

Anyone who wants to make reservations should contact our class organizer,

Cindy Roach Van Hooser
cindyvh (at) aol.com
13731 Parker Ave.
Grandview, MO. 64040
(816) 763-2931

Class of '72 - Reunion info WANTED
In all the fuss about the class of '77 reunion, i'd forgottent that there's probably a class of '72 reunion going on in there as well. If anyone has any info about that, i would love to hear it. Please mail me at jcn (at) hghs.org with any information you have. Thanks.

Class of '77 - Reunion info WANTED
Okay people, somebody out there has to know something about the Class of '77 20th reunion. I've got a bunch or requests so far, and no answers. If you know of anyone who would know about the reunion, or if you know of anyone who would know of anyone who knows of anyone, etc., let me know! Thanks.

Wanted: Class of '77 Reunion Info
Another cry for information. If knows anything about the class of '77 reunion (if there is one planned), please contact me or fill out the news for (http://netspace.org/~jcn/greeley/alumni/news/newsform.html). Thanks!

Wanted: Class of '72 Reunion Info
If anyone has any information about a class of '72 reunion, plese contact me. Thanks!

Class of 1986 10 year reunion
Just received word that the Class of 1986 10 year reunion will be held on November 30, 1996 at 8:00 pm at the St. Moritz on the Park in New York City. The cost is $79.00 per person. RSVP by November 8, 1996.

Please see the full text of the ad (http://netspace.org/~jcn/greeley/alumni/class/1986/10reunion.html) including contact information, etc.

Request - Class of 1977 Reunion
If anyone has any information about the class of '77 reunion (places, people to contact, whatever), please mail it to me at jcn (at) hghs.org or fill out the news form (http://netspace.org/~jcn/greeley/alumni/news/newsform.html). Thanks.

Class of 1976 Reunion
Better late than never ... Tim Craig, Rudy Grua, Lynn Kieper, and Denise Sabert Farrell have organized a 20th reunion for the Class of '76 during the weekend of October 18, 1996. The festivities begin at Peabody's (Mullane's) at 8:00 PM on Friday night. Call Tim Craig at (203) 831-0941 for more information.

Class of 1967 30th Year Reunion
The HGHS class of 1967 will be holding it's 30th year reunion on July 25-27, 1997 at the Ramada Inn in Armonk.

Linda (Stanley) MacNeal
57 Marcourt Drive
Chappaqua, NY 10514
(914) 238-3045


Don Barron
One Garey Drive
Chappaqua, NY 10514
(914) 666-3370
e-mail: donbarron (at) sprynet.com or dbarron (at) hotmail.com

Request for reunion info
If anyone has any information regarding class reunion, or who I should contact in order to get information, I would appreciate it. Specifically, if anyone has information about any sort of Class of '76 20 year stuff, just drop me a note.

Thanks, Jesse