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8-10/11 it is for sure ???
I got like 50 photographs I photographed from the last reunion and hope to pass them out.

Class of 1977
A mass email will be sent soon with the plans for the Class of 77's 30th.

WE changed the date from July 14th to August 10/11. Please check back here or look for an email.

Chappaqua - Friday August 10/11
Go ORange Go Blue!

want to party
looking to hook up with 1978 grads as well

Planning in the Works
Class of 1977 -
Reunion plans are in the works for our 30th. Schneider, Pfau, Volinsky, (and Burdick/Bartro by phone) had a preliminary meeting and the weekend of July 14th in Chappaqua (2007) works for us!

We are looking to hook up with any DC alum in March to plan. Any NY alum feel free to weigh in and book us a place to meet, eat and be merry.

Happy holidays!

25th Reunion
The reunion is set for July 5-7th, 2002. If you haven't received info or a questionnaire yet please contact me at tangoinc1 (at) aol.com Just a reminder that you need to get photos/bios in for the directory asap.

Class of '77 hits 25th year!
Yes it's true. We're all in our 40's, which might seem less than exciting news until you realize it means that the 25th reunion of the Class of '77 (widely believed to be Greeley's most apathetic class) is almost here! Plans are underway (thanks to Sue Schneider and her team) to have a reunion in and around Chappaqua the weekend following July 4th, 2002. The events will likely kick off with a cocktail hour and orientation on Friday evening, followed by dinner on Saturday and a BYO picnic on Sunday. As the plans solidify they will be posted here, so keep checking. Most importantly, be sure you and your buddies have submitted address/phone/email information to Barbara Lyman at varangis (at) starpower.net. At this point I have located just over 130 from our class of over 300. If you haven't responded to my email and/or letter please do so quickly. The restaurant and cocktail hour location depend heavily on how many people we expect to come to the reunion.

Class of '77 Directory
Not to distract from the stripper news, but there is more to HGHS than just scandal. To be specific, a couple hundred more '77 alumni yet to be included in the class directory I'm putting together. This is not connected with the Harris Publishing directory that I understand is due for publication around January. I hope that with current addresses in hand, a reunion committee can be formed to put together a 25th reunion for our class. Time is getting short, however, so if you haven't been in touch with me yet to provide or confirm your address please email me now! I have 90 entries to date, but we had over 300 in the class. If your email is not on the hghs.org sight why not add it now. I have seen many names that appear at gradfinder.com and Classmates.com that don't appear here and this sight disseminates information for free! Think about it. If you don't add your name to this list your cheap friends may never find you. My email is varangis (at) starpower.net Hope to hear from you '77 grads soon!

Reunion 2002
Please e-mail if you are interested in a 25th reunion sometime in June 2002. Please include locations and phone numbers of all "Class of 1977" people you are still in contact with. Also, please let me know if you are interested in volunteering to organize this thing!

Is anyone interested?
We haven't had a reunion since our 10th in 1987. I sent out an updated list of our class with e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Has anyone else picked up the ball?

Class of '77 25th reunion!
I have contacted Rich Taylor and we agreed to start the process for planning the 25th reunion. All 1977 grads can pitch in by sending in all e-mail addresses of known 1977 grads to this address. Let's fill up our class alumni page and get this thing going over the internet!