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Class of 1980 Yearbook
Hi! I am looking to buy or get a digital copy of the class of 1980 yearbook for my dad Adam Isidore, who helped work on the yearbook and always talked about how much he loved doing that! Even if you could just send me a scan of a few pages, it would make my year!

Matt Newman Passing
I knew Matt Newman at HGHS and recently learned he had passed several years ago- can anyone help me in determining what happened to him- he was a great kid. Thanks

class of '64
I attended REB Middle school before moving to Colorado for High School. Just wondering if any of classmates who graduated HG in '64 are active here. Thanks

Looking for Meg
Wondering about my old pal Meg Carmody - anyone still in touch with her? Thanks!

Class of 73
Does anyone know where Annette Chamberlain is now? Would love to get in touch with her. We were in the same classes. She had brothers John and Warren. One older sister Jan.

vs katonah foot ball
We lost 7-6 to Katonah on '40 and finally beat them 6-0 in 1941 on a tackle eligible trick play. Did inter-school sports continue in 41-45? Keiper coach before Whitey Keil? Anyone know scores Katonah game, 44-46? Don Reynolds

Seeking Any News of English Teacher Mr. Mattiese
During 1977 - 1980 I had an English Teacher by the name of Mr. Matteise (Spelling?) Does anyone know of what happen to him, or if he is still teaching 35 years later?

Class ring for KDF
I was given a class ring for a memory by a lady from HGHS by the initials KDF. The ring is a HGHS 1975 yellow gold class ring. We never got back together and I would like to find KDF and mail the ring back to her. Can you help me find KDF?
Henry Cobau

Al Damon?
Anybody have his contact info?

Cheryl Ashley 1975
Trying to locate Cheryl Ashley. Went to school w her upstate NY. Kathy

missing classmates
So here is the list of missing people from our list of classmates. If you know where anyone is and have an email or snail mail address please let me know.

Domenick Alfano,
Mary Jo Anderson,
Mark Arnold,
Asa Bengston,
Ned Bishop,
Richard Busacker,
Robert Calahan,
Debra Carlisle,
Amy Chuckrow,
John Chugkowski,
Susan Barbara Dayan,
Renee De Rose,
Stuart Dickerman,
Gail Dietz,
Michael David Dingman,
Richard Walter Donahue,
Thomas Dreiser,
Richard Everett,
Laurie Gilman,
Andrew Goldreich,
David Greenwald,
Alan Hacker,
Linda Hartzler,
Julie Hudnall,
Ellen Johnston,
Khalid Keen,
Kevin Kelley,
Linda Koth,
William Kuebler,
Jean Kunhardt,
Douglas Lane,
April Lee,
Mark Lee,
James Luther,
James Lynch,
Betsy Manson,
Celso Marzano,
Kady McCaffree,
Michael McColloch,
Mary McGlone,
David McKeehan,
Patricia McKinley,
Arthur McManus,
Kenneth (Chip) Michel,
Bettina Miller,
Karen O'Donnell,
Steven Paulding,
David Penick,
Valerie Perdue,
William Rodriguez,
Lynda Roth,
Susan Ruppert,
Pamela Rush,
David Ryan,
Darby Smith,
Richard Stroh,
Richard Sullivan,
Robert Sweeney,
Frederick Thomas,
Philip Van Wyk,
Kenneth Walker,
Robert Walter,
Hope Weise,
Paul Whittlesey,
Thomas Wolf,
Nancy Dreher Young,

Looking for....................
I am looking for Linda Grossman (1974).
Why? why not!!

Eddie Whalen '64
Looking for any news or contact info about Eddie Whalen, class of '64. Eddie graduated from 8th grade with me at St. Francis Elementary School, Mt. Kisco in 1960? We are having a reunion lunch in Danbury on Saturday, October 1st.

Thanks for any assistance you can give,


Looking for info: 25th reunion
Does anyone have any info on our next reunion (25th). Also, looking to get in touch with Cathy Suval Gonzalez who spoke to me about it at the Chappaqua deli.

Andy Rubin
Anybody know which class Andy Rubin (google) was in?

UPDATE February 3, 2011: this connection has been made, thanks!

roaring brook
I was at Roaring Brook from 1 through 3rd grade. Does anyone remember me from that time? My sister Bitsy and I lived at 79 Prospect Drive.

Mr Breen
Is he still alive and anyone know how to contact him? What about Barbara Fellows?

Seeking Class Presidents
If you are, or know of, the Class President for your class, and have their contact info, please let me know.

Thanks -- Larry Meyers '84
barlowauthor (at) earthlink.net

Class of '59
[Please note that I just found this news posting that had gotten lost in the shuffle from December 23, 2007! -jcn]

Just found you on the web! Am the Swedish exchange (AFS) student of the class of '59 - living in France since 1964. Are there any of my classmates on your list?
Would be great to have news!!!!
Have a Joyeux Noël
Anna Bernstrom

Looking for people
Does anyone know where Nancy Orser, Annette Chamberlain, Patty Danko or other members of 1973 are? Please let me know? Also does anyone know where I can get a copy of the 1973 yearbook?

Seeking Jon Dietz
Jon was member of Calliope's Children Steel Band in the 70s.
So Jon, if you're out there, let us heard from you.
Phone is 503-324-0326

Rick Westcott obituary
Hello, I just heard our classmate Rick Westcott, class of '68, recently died of cancer. Can anyone provide details or a link for his obituary?

Looking for.....
I left after 8th grade but would really like to get in touch with a few folks. Kate Strickland, Tammi Vendig, Jennifer Miller. Does anyone know how to get in touch with them? Hope everyone is doing well!!! Thanks. Nancy

Looking for Margaret Serotte
If anyone knows how to get in touch with Margaret Serotte, please email me at stephanieseymour66 (at) yahoo.com. We are both class of '84. Thanks.

Looking for you, Elisa Meredith Nazely, Heather Youngquist, Wendy Friedman, and other old friends. Would love to hear from you!

Class of 1976 turns 50
We're seeking anyone from the class of 1976 to join in our 50th Virtual Birthday Card Reunion email started by Andrew DeSalvo. If you are not already receiving emails from Andy, please send your contact information! Thanks!

Seeking Jack Goodman
If you know Jack, please have him get in touch with me at ichabodscranium (at) earthlink.net

I need his permission to use some photos in a book about Mister Barlow.

In search of . . .
Dale Spiro. Does any one know how to reach her or what became of her? She was actually a childhood friend. I left the NY/CT area way before high school. Any tips would be very much appreciated.

Just want to know where you all are
Just wanted to know where Rich Ehrenberg,Sean Whalen ( my firts love ) LOL, Leigh Whittingham, Lynne Ann Cook , Gail Meiselman Harry Metz oh and so many that I spent those years with in Bell school Roaring brook and HGHS
What are you all up to . Please let me know .

Where are you all? S'up?
I taught in Room 204 at Roaring Brook for 33 years and Bell for 4.Retired in 93 and went to Indonesia to continue my work as a teacher and principal. Would love to hear from some of you.Surely out of the nearly 700 students I had in 37 years some must remember Tom Sawyer, and Gilbert and Sullivan, et al. Found a box with a whole lot of memorabilia, and fotos not too long ago and, oh boy did the memory banks open! love to hear from some of you. Mr."B"

Seeking '68 grads!
Please send any contact info you have for '68 grads to Babsjhat (at) aol.com. We want a big crowd at our 40th, next July 11-13 (2008)!

Class of '58 - seeking missing classmates
The Class of 1958 is preparing for its 50th reunion. We are trying to contact the following classmates:
Rudy Cartisano, Charles Fox, Judy Grier Davidson, Tom Holland, Jerry Kron, Judy McDonald Ford, Dick Neubert, Brinton Passmore, David Price, Jack Rees, Carsten Theusen.

Please contact Sandy Rynd Chaleski at srchaleski (at) comcast.net

anyone know how to get in touch with JANE STENGEL? i'm an dear old friend from college. thank you. rarebud (at) hotmail.com

Rea Tucci has been found. Thanks!

Anyone have an address or email for Rea Tucci (Leonaggio)?

Look For old friends
If anyone has news or knows how I can get in touch with Robbie Kinyon I would app. it.

Just interested i locating JAmes Kwak

Looking for music
For anyone who was in chorus, concert choir or madrigal choir between 1976 and 1980, I am seeking to borrow recordings of our concerts. My records and tapes were damaged (my folks basement flooded) and I would love to hear our music again. I'll pay for shipping both ways if anyone is willing to share (I live in White Plains). Thanks.

seekign address
Please let me know if you have Eve Feuer's current address.

Tim Greges
Hi - I'm looking for any sort of contact information for Tim Greges. Any help would be immensely appreciated.


Violet Boerner '41
William Reynolds..Your mother was in my class and we have posted photos on a web "The Old guard" 1930-50. Contact me for more.

Seeking classmate
Hi, Greeleyites! I'm Ellie Sparks from class of '70 looking to get in contact with Connie Kirk from the same class. If anyone has any info about Connie, please email me. Thanks so much! Ellie.

Seeking Jackie Goldstein '92
I was hoping to get some information on Jackie Goldstein(class of 1992). I would love to know how she's doing and hopefully get in touch w/ her.

looking for class of 56 classmates
we are looking for the following class of 56 classmates. if you have any knowledge of their status please send me an email. thank you.
Don Burns, Judith Ott, Joan Rogers, Ken Rowland, Linda Ryan, Frank Earl, Paul Haus, Joel Harris, Jean Loeb.

The Salisbury Brothers and Joan Linder
Hi all:
Anyone remember me? I would have graduated in 1988..I went to Greeley in 1984 for my Freshman Year.
I am searching for Joan Linder, Class of 1988.
I am also looking for the Salisbury boys...
Greg, Class of 84, I think...and Mike, Class of 87, I think. I may be off on the years, but maybe someone can help me!
Please email me at njrockstar11 (at) aol.com.
Hope to hear from anyone who knows me.
PS: Hey, Cuffy Sturm, where did you go?

Trying to find....
I have been trying to find Fred Lyons(I think he was in the 83 class..I am planning on going back for the reunion in September and would love to try and catch up with him....So if anyone knows where he is please let me know. Thanks!

class of 2000
Anyone remember Serena Hannen or Hanen not sure how it's spelled. If anyone remembers her please contact me.....I'm an old friend of hers and I just can't seem to find her.

Neighborhood friends sought
Actually I never made it to the Greeley graduation because my family moved to Minnesota, but 1973 would have been my class. Thought this might be a good place to start a search for dear chums Scott Andrews and Chuck Coldwell, both '73. I ran into Scott in San Francisco, about 1986. Haven't seen Chuck since his wedding, probably 1978. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Eric Jensen?
Trying to track down my hs friend Eric Jensen, class of '74? Thank you, -Dave

Where's Billianne???
If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Billianne O'Hare please let me know! A group of us have been trying to get in touch with her and all contact info has apparently changed. Thanks!

Looking for Lutz's
I am looking for any news of the Lutz's Bobby Jr., Dana or Karen she graduated in 1970, they lived at 19 Crossridge road and were members of the Westchester tennis club and the dad worked at Wrangler jeans

Looking for Sarah Ludden
I was a French teacher at Horace Greeley in 1967-68. Sarah Ludden was one of my favorite students and I'd love to get back in touch with her. I know she left the school for L.A. in '68, so she might not have graduated from your class.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions for how to continue on my quest. I found your email address on the website.

Thanks very much.


Nancy K. Miller

I was "Mrs. Clougher" then....

Seeking Yearbook
I would dearly love to obtain a copy of the 1941 Yearbook. My late mother, Violet Boerner, graduated that year. I would pay almost any price to have a keepsake of my mother's graduating class.
Thank you.
William Joseph Reynolds

Looking for Susan Leah W (HGHS '74)or family
Sometime in 2003, after moving to Los Angeles, I was nosing about a second hand bookstore. I came across an old yearbook and found it to be a Quaker 1974. The name on the front is Susan Leah W...not positive but I think it might be Sue Wasserberger - the only Susan W in the book. Please let me know if you have any information. Although, it is a fun piece of Greeley history, I'd love to get this back to someone who is missing it!

Family of Jennie Wehner
Looking for the family of Jennifer Wehner. If anyone knows anything, please contact me!

Jennifer Roberts
Looking for Jennifer Roberts. I anyone knows, please contact me! Thanks.

Please get in touch

I had moved away before my class actually graduated from Greeley. But I do know they graduated in 2001. I'm looking for a few people. They are, Jackie Kilorin, Sasha Kaufman, and Robin Ganak. Girls, if u read this, email me. It'd be nice to get in touch. Liz Treyz, what happened to u? You haven't responded to my emails.

seeking Cindy Iver

Looking for friends from the class of '69, more specifically, Nancy Lawson and Geri Longhi. Anyone have ANY news?

Do you know where these people area?
I have been trying for years to figure out how to contact Dale Spiro. Does anyone know?

I'd also like to get in touch with former teachers Ellen Lyons, and Camille Giordano. Anyone know how?


Karen Paula Lutz
I am looking for Karen Lutz a graduate in 1970,art student went to Rollins college in florida,Any info?