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Chappaqua, NY

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missing classmates
So here is the list of missing people from our list of classmates. If you know where anyone is and have an email or snail mail address please let me know.

Domenick Alfano,
Mary Jo Anderson,
Mark Arnold,
Asa Bengston,
Ned Bishop,
Richard Busacker,
Robert Calahan,
Debra Carlisle,
Amy Chuckrow,
John Chugkowski,
Susan Barbara Dayan,
Renee De Rose,
Stuart Dickerman,
Gail Dietz,
Michael David Dingman,
Richard Walter Donahue,
Thomas Dreiser,
Richard Everett,
Laurie Gilman,
Andrew Goldreich,
David Greenwald,
Alan Hacker,
Linda Hartzler,
Julie Hudnall,
Ellen Johnston,
Khalid Keen,
Kevin Kelley,
Linda Koth,
William Kuebler,
Jean Kunhardt,
Douglas Lane,
April Lee,
Mark Lee,
James Luther,
James Lynch,
Betsy Manson,
Celso Marzano,
Kady McCaffree,
Michael McColloch,
Mary McGlone,
David McKeehan,
Patricia McKinley,
Arthur McManus,
Kenneth (Chip) Michel,
Bettina Miller,
Karen O'Donnell,
Steven Paulding,
David Penick,
Valerie Perdue,
William Rodriguez,
Lynda Roth,
Susan Ruppert,
Pamela Rush,
David Ryan,
Darby Smith,
Richard Stroh,
Richard Sullivan,
Robert Sweeney,
Frederick Thomas,
Philip Van Wyk,
Kenneth Walker,
Robert Walter,
Hope Weise,
Paul Whittlesey,
Thomas Wolf,
Nancy Dreher Young,

anyone know how to get in touch with JANE STENGEL? i'm an dear old friend from college. thank you. rarebud (at) hotmail.com