Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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Seeking Any News of English Teacher Mr. Mattiese
During 1977 - 1980 I had an English Teacher by the name of Mr. Matteise (Spelling?) Does anyone know of what happen to him, or if he is still teaching 35 years later?

Andy Rubin
Anybody know which class Andy Rubin (google) was in?

UPDATE February 3, 2011: this connection has been made, thanks!

Just want to know where you all are
Just wanted to know where Rich Ehrenberg,Sean Whalen ( my firts love ) LOL, Leigh Whittingham, Lynne Ann Cook , Gail Meiselman Harry Metz oh and so many that I spent those years with in Bell school Roaring brook and HGHS
What are you all up to . Please let me know .

Rea Tucci has been found. Thanks!

Anyone have an address or email for Rea Tucci (Leonaggio)?

Looking for music
For anyone who was in chorus, concert choir or madrigal choir between 1976 and 1980, I am seeking to borrow recordings of our concerts. My records and tapes were damaged (my folks basement flooded) and I would love to hear our music again. I'll pay for shipping both ways if anyone is willing to share (I live in White Plains). Thanks.