Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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The Salisbury Brothers and Joan Linder
Hi all:
Anyone remember me? I would have graduated in 1988..I went to Greeley in 1984 for my Freshman Year.
I am searching for Joan Linder, Class of 1988.
I am also looking for the Salisbury boys...
Greg, Class of 84, I think...and Mike, Class of 87, I think. I may be off on the years, but maybe someone can help me!
Please email me at njrockstar11 (at) aol.com.
Hope to hear from anyone who knows me.
PS: Hey, Cuffy Sturm, where did you go?

Family of Jennie Wehner
Looking for the family of Jennifer Wehner. If anyone knows anything, please contact me!

Jennifer Roberts
Looking for Jennifer Roberts. I anyone knows, please contact me! Thanks.