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Class of '81 30-year reunion!
Time: Saturday August 6, 2011 (at) 7:00pm
Location: Paulie's Bar, Pleasantville,
14 Marble Ave.
Our 30 year reunion is here! Paulie's is within walking distance from the train station in the center of Pleasantville.

happy to help with organizing a reunion
I would be glad to help to organize a reunion.

Any interest in 30th Reunion?
We're two years out - any interest in planning/attending a 30th year reunion for the CLASS of 1981?

Class of '81 -

Thanks to all who attended the unofficial Class of '81 reunion Saturday night at the old Mullane's site!
We had a really good turn out & it was really fun to see everyone. Check out all the photos on facebook!

Diane Melen, Class of '81

Interested in a 25-year reunion?

A group of folks is trying to determine if there's interest in a 25-year reunion for the Class of 1981. If you are interested in attending - or even better in helping organize/coordinate - such an event, please join a Yahoo group that has been set up for this purpose by sending an email to:
HGHS1981-subscribe (at) yahoogroups.com

same question!
I was hoping there is something planned for our 20th reunion. Please email me at epalawyer (at) aol.com if anyone has info

Are there any plans for a 20th reunion for the class of 1981?

Will our class be having a 20 year reunion this year (2001)?