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Reunion Aug 7,2010
We are organizing a reunion this year in August--if you are interested send your e-mail info to hghs69 (at) casano.com
We will be sure to get you all the information!!

Local Reunion 2009
We are meeting at Lexington Cafe--for all those interested in Catching Up--On November 28, 2009 Lunch--noon-3
e-mail for more details!!

Let's Do It
Where are you guys? Let's have a reunion. I'm in and would love to see you all - its been a long time! Debbie McElroy

Class of '65 40th reunion?
Does anybody have information about a Class of 1965 reunion? Having moved back to America from France recently, I am out of touch.
Thank you.

More Class of '69 Reunion
Use the following URL for more Class of '69 info:


Class of '69 Reunion Information
The Class of 1969 will hold a reunion the weekend of August 11, 12, 13, 2000. Friday and Saturday dinners will be at the Holiday Inn in Mount Kisco. We are still planning daytime events for Saturday. Contact Katie Laun Webb at the above email or Barbara Telesco Hall at: LadyB (at) bestweb.net. Barbara is managing our growing email list and can get help you join our website.

Class of '69 Reunion!
OK, I'm trying to start the ball rolling. I'm willing to pull together Email lists and info and start sifting through suggestions. Since we're so late starting, I thought perhaps the 3rd or 4th weekend in August might be feasible.....I have time to put into this now (winter) but once gardening season hits I am going to be hard pressed to scrape any extra time. So, anyone interested in being included in the updates or helping with the arrangements should contact Barbara Hall (Herbie...) at P.O.Box 271, Cold Spring, NY 10516 or better yet, Email me at ladyb (at) bestweb.net

Ah, the CLASS OF '69......It took us 12 years to have our 10th reunion, let's see if we can get it right this time! Looking forward to hearing from all of you (and a few pretty complete bios can be seen at: http://gradfinder.com/show_school.asp?schoolID=26829

Barbara Telesco Hall