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Class of 1984-25th Reunion!
Hello HGHS Class of 1984! It’s time for our 25th High School Reunion! We are planning our reunion for Columbus Day weekend 2009, October 9th-11th. Friday night will be a casual get-together at QUAKER HILL TAVERN (previously: Mullane's, Peabody's) Saturday will be an organized, evening event (local, tbd) and a family gathering on Sunday at either Gedney Park or one of the local elementary schools (tbd). We hope you will join us at all of the events.

Our first task is to find fellow ’84 HGHS classmates. Sue Guthrie (Harmon) is heading up this project so please contact her through Facebook or at sueharmon77 (at) optonline.net with any contact information you may have. Our Facebook Group is now 67 members strong and growing every day! Check out our Group page: Horace Greeley HS Class of 1984 – reunion http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=34393005551
Please consider joining us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

While Sue is searching for classmates, we are looking for anyone interested in helping with the Saturday night party of our reunion including finding a local party planner and/or a Westchester location/restaurant. Please contact Nancy Webber (Haws) either through Facebook or at her email nancyhaws (at) embarqmail.com.

Thirdly, we would love to have any help from anyone who is willing to offer! Don't be shy and please help us spread this reunion information!

Please be in touch!


Sue & Nancy

Any pics from Class of '84 Reunion???
I wasn't able to make it to the reunion but I would love to see pictures of everyone 20 years older. Is there a website out there somewhere?

HGHS 1984 Reunion Info
Hello Quakers!!!!

Well we have made it to the next big step. We have confimred a location and a reunion company. Most, if not all, of you should have gotten an invitation in the mail from Great Reunions with the initial information of the reunion. They are organizing the more formal nite and will be putting together a bio book, program, etc. We (especially Marjorie Becker) have been working really closely with this company for months to secure the perfect location for our reunion and we believe we have found it with Spasso Ristorante in Bedford Hills.

If you did not recieve a invitation, that means we do not have your correct mailing address, please send it to me ASAP and in the meanwhile you can still sign up online at GreatReunions.com for your tickets. The sooner you purchase your tickets the easier it will be for the company and your reunion committee to get an idea of the numbers we will be hosting.

In addition we are confirming some other activities for the long weekend. We are hoping to secure a HGHS tour on Friday afternoon, a family (kids included) BYO picnic at Westorchard on Sunday and encouraging smaller get-togethers for "old" friends on Friday or Sunday evening and Monday for anyone who still needs more time to catch up.

I have already heard of great stories of old classmates reconnecting since we have started this organization and I would continue to encourage all of you to join in and make someones day by sending them a note and telling them a fun story you remember about them. I will probably be sending out the contacted list with current e-mails and the still missing list this Sunday night. Please continue to help locate the missing alumni! We couldn't have found so many without all of your help! Thank you!!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. This reunion is for all of us and we want it to be just what you all hoped it would be like!

*love, Nancy Webber Haws

1984 20 yr reunion is on!
We are very busy planning our 20 year reunion. Will you please contact me if you need more information regarding the details at bhaws35096 (at) aol.com!! Thanks - Nancy Webber

Class of '84 20-year reunion ?
Any one know if we have a 20-year reunion planned?