Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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Looking for Class of 93 Alumni
After 10 wild and wonderful years, the Horace Greeley High School class of 1993 is planning its one-decade reunion. The event is scheduled for Saturday November 29, 2003.

To make sure we have your contact information, please send an e-mail with your name, address and phone number to hghsclassof93 (at) hotmail.com.

More information will be available later this summer.

Are we having one?
Are we having a 10 year reunion? If so, who is organizing it?

Ten Years Later
Hi 1993 Graduates!! How are we all doing? I hope everyone is doing well. Can you believe it? We have been out for 10 whole years. Look foward to seeing everyone after a ten year intermission. Please keep me posted on anything that pertains to our reunion, thanks. Till then............... If anyone wants to say hi, please email me whenever you like