Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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I just wanted to drop a line. Sorry, Alisa I've not written in 2 years. I've been busy. I've gone back to school to finish my BA. My BA will be in Criminal Justices. My next goal will be Law school in 2005. As for now I'm working and going to school. My boyfriend and I have been together 5 years and counting. Summer was busy, but in the long it's been fun. If anybody wants to drop a line please do. I want to know how everybody is doing. Kim Russell I got your e-mail. Sorry I never wrote back. I wish everybody a great rest of the summer.

any news of reunion
I like the rest of you am wondering if there is going to be a reunion for the class of 92. Maybe all of us who are wondering should put something together and put the issue to rest.

Alison Heffer

Here in New York
I have been living in new york for the past five years working for a childrens hospital here in the city. Just wanted to let people from the class of 92 know that many of us in new york are okay. Would love to hear from others as well

To the Greeley family past and present,

Sept 11 will always stay with me. Watching the towers going down was hell. My thought went to my classmates who could work in the WTC. Fear went through my body and memories of old school days at Bell and at Greeley. So if there any news of class of 92 and other classes who were working at WTC please let me know. I know we lost touch with each other, but when things like this happens. We need to know people from our past are alright. People from our past helped shape us for our life. To past friends my heart goes to you and your family in this dark hour. To the Greeley family past and present you are in my prayers . Love Annette Molenaar class of 92

I wanted to let everyone know that I'm a very proud aunt. My sister, Valeria d'Angelo (now Niehaus) gave birth to her first baby on April 17th, 2001. Andrew David Neihaus only weighed in at 4lb 12oz (he's trying to take after his aunt :-) ). Due to his size and lack of strength he had to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks, but is now at home with mom and dad.

Find old friends
Class of 92'
I'm not sure if anybody would remember me. I moved in my junior year to Yorktown Hgts. I should have finshed my last year out at Greeley, but things happen. If there's anybody out there such as Christine C. Linds D, or Alise P you conacted through this email. To everybody else I hope you guys are happy and healthy. Got to go. Annette

Adam Goldstone's Engagement
There isn't much news or information on the class of '92, so I thought I'd get it going....Adam Goldstone got engaged to his long time girlfriend, Ann Rae and will be getting married in Ohio June 16 2001. CONGRATULATIONS ADAM AND ANN!!!