Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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The next big thing in fitness
I opened up a fitness studio for women in Millwood, NY. As my class mates would know I lost about 48 pounds in my last year of high school. When I went to College I designed a workout program that would keep me in great shape and I then shared it with the campus. All of the sudden I had regulars, coaches wanted me to teach the warm-ups for the athletes. They featured an article about it in the school news paper. It was a great program. When I graduated I was studying to go to law school and had a great paying job in Armonk. However I couldn't help but to think that there were women out there who could use my help getting excited about fitness and learning how to work with what they have to feel great and look great for their body shape. I decided to quit my well paying job and take a huge risk opening up my own studio for women. It's been 5 months now that we have been open and women are seeing amazing results. Losing 7 pounds in 2 weeks, 2 inches off hips in 3 and down a dress size in 2. They claim I put something in the air they feel so good about themselves. They tell me that their husbands that never compliment them are stopping them to tell them how lean and shapely they are becoming. Great right? Wrong. The better these women are looking the less thay are talking to their friends about it. It's crazy!! They are trying to keep me a secret! I need help getting people to come in here and see what it is all about. Start talking!

We also do HipHop Classe for girls and they are great too. I believe that it is not just about memorizing a 2 step but more about kids building their confidence, Working as a team, challenging themselves. It's great, and it's working. Girls who were shy and timid are now walking into class with their heads held high, and they're just 5 and 8 yrs of age. I also do dance parties. I, growing up as a Catholic girl in Chappaqua, went to 67 Bar Mitzvahs I feel I was invited to most of them because people knew I would be the 1st one with my socks on and on the dance floor moving and grooving. I know what I'm doing. I make these parties personal. I talk to the kids to try and gage what their dance party wonderland would look like and I give it to them with high energy, the best music around and not to be topped personalized gifts. I want people to know what their friends don't want them too. YOBO Studio changes lives. Please check out the web site http://www.GOYOBO.com.

Most Sincerely, A Fellow Alumn, Johanna Comulada Class of 2000

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