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1998 Reunion
Here's the link to the invite to the Class of '98 Reunion coming up in a couple weeks!: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?sid=c8404ef2168a9538301cbb8df96d5b99&eid=40808992750

So I popped it!
Hello everybody, especially my good buddy Noah with whom I have been conversing with over this board. Anyway, as some of you may know, I have been seeing my girlfriend for 4 years now, and the other night was our 4th anniversary, and so....I did it! I asked her to move in with me! And she said yes! What did you think I was talking about, marriage? I wish, but her parents have said she is not allowed to marry until she graduates Med. School, or else she is out of the inheritance. Just thought I would update you all on this new bit of joy in my life.

Hey Noah!!!
Hey Noah!! Matt Gorman here, how in the H E double Hockey Sticks have you been? I've been just fine at Bucknell, but I'm almost never back in Chappaqua, so I never see any of you! How's the bowling going? Are you still striking it up? I will be back in town this Tuesday for once for Thanksgiving! Look in Ye Olde Greeley directory for my number, and maybe we could go get lunch!

Hey Everyone
Hey everyone, Noah here. I haven't been in touch with that many of you, I hope everyone is great! I have been in touch with Brian Finnegan though, and he says Hi. I have been so busy with everything up at Colgate...can you believe we are graduating college? Golly! It went by faster than a pizza at a frat party! Well, I'd love to hear from you all. C-Ya!

Just looking for people!
Hey Everyone, Matt Gorman here, class of 1998. Just trying to get in touch with some of my Chappaqua buddies. Anyone seen Zach or AC, Kelly or Jesse? And where's Samuel Powers and Jason Adler been? Any help would be much appreciated!