Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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Hey Class of 93' I just wanted to let yall know that I am down here in Ga. I have been married for almost 8 years now and have 2 daughters ages 6 and 3. If you want to catch up just drop me a line. Hope everyone is doing ok.

Marathon feat accomplished
Happy holidays HGHS alumni...

Just wanted to send a little "aloha" from Hawaii and let you know that I recently completed the Honolulu Marathon in 3:35:31 to become the fourth youngest and 302nd person overall to complete a marathon in each of the 50 states.

If anyone needs any tips, encouragement or general advice for pounding the pavement for 26.2 miles, feel free to drop me a line.

Sending sunshine, sea breezes and smiles your way.


Baby in my life
Hi my name is Lyrica Crookshank. My name as you all knew me was Morgese. This October 2005 I will be having a special person in my life. I am going to have a baby. My husband and I are extremly excited. Feel free to say hi to me whenever you like. Hope everyone is happy and well.

Sarah Pincus - contact info
Re: my posting looking for Jeneen Garcia, I inadvertently omitted my email address. If anyone knows where Jeneen is, or simply wants to contact me to say hi, please email me at sammyj75 (at) aol.com. Thanks!

Jeneen Garcia, Where Art Thou?
If anyone knows how to contact Jeneen Garcia, class of 1993, please let me know! Huge thanks...

Hey Neighbor, where'd ya go?
Hey IAN BROWN, you moved w/o giving anyone your number in Chicago. I was just there the other day. I'm leaving for another 6 month mid east "cruise" vacation courtesy of the U.S. Navy. Shoot me an email dude.

Greeley grads defending the free world
I'm writing from aboard the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise in the Persian Gulf on a 6 month deployment. Still flying airplanes for the Navy. Chris Erickson just got done with his 4 years of commanding tanks in the Army and just got married.