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Even More Marvelous, Wonderful Baby News...It's a Boy!
Newly weds, Matthew Elliot Kurlander and his wife Christine Rebecca Lankenau Kurlander (Nightingale '92) welcomed their first baby; John Elliot into the world on August 1, 2008.

The baby was born by biological conception.

Perhaps you remember Matthew, who graduated with the class of '92. Without any doubt the greatest Tennis player to ever grow up in Chappaqua, he now directs every Nike Tennis Camp in the country, helping administer the next generation of American Tennis players, gifted or not talented.

Matthew and Christine's gorgeous baby arrived at 8 pounds and 1 ounce, the exact same weight as the Prince Heavyweight 03 Speedport Platinum OS+ pro tennis racket with the Air Bridge Twin Morph Mega Yoke used by noneother than USTA #94 ranked, Filippo P. Volandri. Coincidence? don't be absurd.

Matthew's proud parents celebrated the birth of their Grandson with some fresh picked lemons.

May the Christian God, the Jewish God, the Catholic God and several other Gods and other mythical creatures bless their new family for a long, healthy, and happy life together.

Wedding Announcement
Jennifer Stromberg '92 recently got married to Alex Butson of Brooklyn in Marco Island, Florida. The beach wedding was attended by fellow Quakers Mitch Greenberg '92, Steph Sobers '92, Susie Sklar '92, Dan Weissledder '92 and, of course, Vinnie Tavolacci '90. No, Vinnie doesn't still drive that same '91 Silver Saab.

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Elliot Kurlander
On Saturday, the fourth of August, in the year of our Lord: Two Thousand and Seven at Clermont State Historic Site in Germantown, New York; Matthew Elliot "Pecker" Kurlander (class of '92) married his once and present love, Christine Rebecca Lankenau on a green bluff overlooking the majestic Hudson River.

The Best Man and in many ways, the best of us all: Stephen Alec Weinberg, also of the class of '92, used nothing less than mutant-like agility to oversee and instruct the wedding. Matthew first met his bride while attending the Horace Greeley High School and fifteen years later reunited with her to all of our benefit. The ceremony also saw fellow Greeley alums: Levi Sokol, Mara Curtis, and Dave Seeve.

And now, let us hold hands, bow our heads, close our eye lids, and say out loud or to your self: A Shaker Hymn

'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free,

'Tis the gift to come down to where we ought to be,
and when we find ourselves in the place just right,

'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gain'd,
To bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd

To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till be turning, turning we come round right.

The Quakers would be proud or not.

Baby News...It's A Boy
Congratulations to first time parents Anne and Adam Goldstone! Anne gave birth to Grant Robert this past October 18th. Grant is gorgeous! Adam and Anne couldn't be more proud. Congrats to you both.

Welcome Baby #2
I just wanted to say that my husband and I welcomed our 2nd son Aidan Robert into the world on August 2,2005 weighing in at 6lbs 14ozs. His brother Colin loves being a Big brother. I hope that everyone from the class of '92 are doing well. If anyone out there is reading this, and knows who I am, I'd love to hear from you. Take Care..

Another Girl!
Elizabeth Madison Lane was born 8/21/04. 5lbs 12Oz. She joins big sisters Ashley and Kaitlyn! We now have a house full of girls!!!

I got married!
I married Eric Conner on November 15th in Wilmington, DE. Eric and I met at Penn in Spanish class, but took almost 9 years to actually start dating. At the wedding were many Greeleyites including '92ers Kathy (Tilzer) Simon (bridesmaid), Jessica Anenberg, Marni (Wasserman) Bernstein, Judy (Levy) Battaglia, Eric Sharfstein and Brad Corr ('98). And of course my sister, maid-of-honor, Rachel Zaslansky ('94) and brother, groomsmen Michael Zaslansky ('98). Eric and I live in Los Angeles and are always look forward to our East Coast friends coming for a visit.

It's a girl
She may be small when it comes to size...but she's the queen of the cutie pies! Kaitlyn Alexandra Lane was born May 18th at 1:45 AM, 2lbs, 13oz, 16in.

A little premature but she is doing fine. Kaitlyn is still in the NICU waiting to grow big but will be home around her due date (7/8). Donny and I can't wait to have our little girl home.

Here We Go!
Greetings from the south!...no, not Cuba...Boca Raton, but its close enough. I say we follow in the footsteps of our fore fathers (class of '90 -'91) and schedule our 10 yr. in NYC during Thanksgiving weekend '02. Lets get the ball rolling. Lots of people have flight bookings and reservations to make, including all 50 or so of us who moved out west to Boulder, Co. Start talking about that weekend, and maybe we could cause enough buzz to get something going. Mark your calendars, sync those watches. See you there!

Chris Derby is engaged
Hey everyone-
I recently heard from Christiane Derby who graduated in the Class of 1992 and she reports that she is engaged to be married. There is no date as of yet. Congratulations Christiane

A Christmas Gift
It's a BOY! Congratulations to my brother Diego (class of 1988), and his wife Rebecca on their first child. Alexander Salvo was born on December 20th at 11:44pm. He's absolutely beautiful. Congratulations again!

Fun in the Sun
Just got back from a wonderful getaway in the Bahamas with Ali Heffer ('92). We caught some sun and got great tans. Al- We must do it again! Also wanted to say that thoughts and prayers are still going out to everyone effected by the Sept.11 tragedy. Hope everyone is as good as can be expected during these hard times...
-All my best
Nielle (Ni)

Hi to everyone, I just found this site and wanted to post. I am working in DC at the National Cathedral, and recent events have me thinking of home. I hope that everyone is as well as can be expected.

All the best.

Best Wishes
Hey all. I just discovered this website by accident, and was really excited to see some people I haven't heard from in years. I just got back to the States this month, after working in SE Asia for the last year. Is there any way to track Greeley Alumnus that may have been employed in the World Trade Center Buildings? Please let me know if anyone has any information. Thanks!

Haven't heard anything yet
I haven't heard of any 92 grads that were in the towers. I hope that everyone is coping as well as possible.

the day the twins fell
I graduated in 92' from Horace Greeley my travels scince then have brought me far away from my home. as well as the people in it. I would like to know if my fellow class mates were at all a direct cercumstance, how I can reach there families and express condolences. my hart goes out to everybody effected. it's the time to stand strong and together.

thank you

Adam Pravda's going to Law School
Hi everyone. I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I graduated Greeley in 1992. I have just begun my first year at Brooklyn Law School. I live in Brooklyn with my girlfriend, Katherine, and thought I'd do a little representing for the class of '92. It seems there are so few of us out there. Take care.


Nielle Cross is a Mom!
Hi class of '92. This site was sent to me from another Greeley graduate. Some of you may remember me..my mother was head of the English department at Greeley..Alice Cross (Ms.Cross) I am happy to say that I am a Newlywed. I recently got married to Robert Mayo Jr. on November 17,2000 at Tappan Hill in Tarrytown, NY. We currently live in Massachusetts and have a beautiful baby boy named Colin Robert. Anyone who would like to contact me, please do. I keep in touch with a few friends from Greeley, but I'd love to hear from ..Ben Wells (you are 7/8ths), Brad Wasserman, Ben Woll, Jason Hutton (Puss!), Greg Roth(class of 93) Looking forward to hearing from you..

All the Best,

Jason Palmer is Engaged
I have just become Engaged to Iris Yamileth Mena Ramos (or Yami for short) from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We will be wed in the Bay Islands in early March of next year. Yami works in the diamond business and I sell handbags and lingerie in my stores and online at BAGSHOP.COM. I would also like to congradulate Adam Goldstone on his soon to be wedding.