Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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House for Sale
We are moving (within Chappaqua) and our house just went on the market. If you know anyone who's in the market to buy, please let them know they can find it by using MLS # 2805366 on the following website: http://pruholmesre.com/index.htm and searching within the Chappaqua school district. The address is 19 Williams Lane.

Alternatively, they can contact Beth Hocherman at Prudential Holmes and Kennedy. Her number is (914) 238-3988 x 130.

Many thanks,

Melissa (Biren) '91 & Scott Singer '90

just saying hello!
Hi everyone -
I swung by this website look up an email address, and I figured I might as well say hello while I am here! My husband Scott and I live in San Fran these days, and recently had our first baby, Zoe, born on July 4th. I hope everything is well with everyone!

New Arrival!
Scott ('90) and I are thrilled to announce that our family has grown with the birth of Jordana Biren Singer. She was born on July 24, 2006 and weighed in at 9 pounds 5 ounces. Big sister Kayla will be 3 in August and could not be more excited about her new baby sister. We are all settled in Chappaqua and have been living here for the past 3 years. Hope everyone is doing well. We would love to hear from old classmates when you're back in town so don't hesitate to look us up!

Greg Harr - a STAR!
Did anyone catch Greg Harr, Class President of the class of 1991, on Sex and the City a couple of weeks ago? For those who watch the show, it was the "Shoes" episode. In the beginning of the show, Miranda convinces her coop board to allow a new applicant into the building. Greg plays an upper east side yuppie who comments on the applicant. Congrats Greg- you have come a long way from "Anything Goes"!!

Newest member of HGHS class of 2021!
Scott ('90) and I wanted to share some good news as 2003 has been an incredibly exciting year for us. In the spring I earned my Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Soon after we bought a house in Chappaqua and made the move back home! Most importantly, on August 21, 2003 our beautiful daughter, Kayla Biren Singer, was born. We are just ecstatic with joy about our little wonder! Hope everyone is doing well - we'd love to hear from fellow classmates when you're back in town!

A Native Cape Codder is Born!!
OK, OK I can't believe I am writing something on this site, but what the heck.

Just wanted to let anyone interested know, that Aim and I had our first child 5/15/01 on Cape Cod. Kaelly Farrell weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs 15oz. Everyone is great except for dad who has not had much time to Golf or Striper Fish!!

Celeste's Engagement
I noticed that Celeste was too modest to mention it herself, so I'll do it for her - she got engaged to Steve Dedona, her boyfriend from high school, over the holidays. Congratulations Celeste!

Micah Green '90
Micah Green's debut record is on sale now.

For more information or to purchase your copy just go to http://www.dirtymedia.com

The recently completed record is receiving frequent play on Ground Zero, Chris Douridas' weekly radio show featured on LA's KCRW as well as AOL's Spinner.com.

Here is just a sample of one of the recent reviews:
Listen.com review
With an impressive array of songs produced by the impeccably coiffed Duncan Sheik, Micah Green looks set to start making musical waves of his own. Green's shy, whispery voice is the perfect match for gentle, acoustic guitar-oriented pop that's always dotted by sharp countermelodies and gently effective pop hooks. Linda R.