Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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Hello everybody,

What an interesting web site. Congratulations to everyone who deserves it...


Finally Married!
First of all, than you to the web master for such a great site! It will be so great finding all of my old friends at Greeley. I moved around so much after graduating that I can't even remember all of my addresses, which is probably why I missed our 10 year (or 15 if we had it) reunion.

I just wanted to announce that I marred Darren M. DeNigris on June 11, 2001 in Hackensack, NJ. We started out as friends four years earlier and it bloomed into the best relationship I've ever had. We are currently living near Hackensack, NJ with our six cats (yes, six...long story). We hope to be starting a family soon. My husband is a project manager for Avaya, Inc. and I have been working as an adjunct professor of history at the local community colleges.

It would be great to hear from anybody who knew me at Greeley (I went by KT then)! Feel free to e-mail me.

myles got married
Hi all! Just a quick note to announce that Myles Weissleder married Allison Eherenberg on Block Island, RI on Sept 9, 2001. Check us out: http://www.mylesandalli.com. We currently reside in Sausalito, CA where Myles runs a small PR and Marketing consultancy: http://www.mylermedia.com. Drop an email!

Landlocked in Ohio....
Where has the time gone? I'm married, living with two kids (Maddie and Maggie) in Cincinnati. Where is Ed O'Conner, John Barbasetti di' Prun, Alex Gjeki, Rod Finer, Andy Kemler, Stephen Skinner, and the Johnson Twins(Ron and Don)?

Catching Up
Hi! This is the first time I've visited this website - a lot has changed at Greeley! I just wondered if there were any classmates out there who would like to get in touch - I've moved so many times, I don't have many ties left with Chappaqua. If you remember me, say hello when you get a chance!

Remember Me?
Hi, anyone who remembers me, I was only at Greeley for my Freshman year: 1984-1985..I would have graduated with the class of 1988. I would love to hear from some of you who might remember me......email at breetucket (at) aol.com.. Thanks!!!!