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Robin Meyers Interviewed On NPR
Robin Daléa (nee Meyers) is interviewed along with her fellow cast members of the hit comedic web series, The Real Girls Guide To Everything Else. Airing on the same day as the premiere of Sex And The City 2, the interview explores how the comedic web series purposefully breaks stereotypes of women, race and sexual orientation while simultaneously poking fun at the iconic show. The interview can be heard at this link: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=127215226.

More information can be found at http://www.TheRealGirlsGuide.com

hello? Is this mic working?
Hi. Hello, yeah, ok.

Jeff Jain here, ....huh?.... ok, yeah, sorry. ....Hi, Jeff here from 1987.
Um, yeah, doing brain numbing study on ...its going to sound wierd...on how to help coal miners in China.
Ok, I left school and went to the dessert and found the Bahai Faith, then went for three years into the Amazon to do public health work with Indigenous people, then tried to get back together with the high school girlfriend again, and (sigh), well then that went south, and I went back to Woods Hole (I started on Cape Cod, and went to high school in Chappaqua, the seeming reverse of many alum) worked in construction. Got to remodel a Frank Lloyd Wright in Woods Hole in sight of the Vineyard. Spent most of a winter on staging in the snow watching the island and the seals. Built a Japanese boat house, and a post and beam barn in the pines during January 2002. Beauty.
Dreams of China, so went to China, and another Bahai project brought me to the most polluted city ON EARTH for three years where I raised my baby daughter doing an educational project which is now winning all sorts of kudos and awards for empowering Junior Youth to become involved in social action and change. Learning Chinese is a very good idea, a fun language, and Chinese country people are free from deceit. Beautiful people.
Now I find myself in Perth Australia expecting a son in June, and wishing I had made the 20th anniversary last year. My wife is a former UN consultant, and Zhong Guo Tong (China expert) with 20 years of China experience.
I am doing grad work in Public Health with focus on Occupational Health and Safety with an eye toward consulting with Chinese officials in the future for Shanxi province to pull their socks up. Man, more people die in their mines than die in any other occupation on earth.

Perth is a beautiful respite. I have a pool, its salt water, and that is nice.

I am working in carpentry, and helping a friend break his company doing grey water remedation into the USA, but I have no idea how to start. But it is fun saving water. Its good. Water will be certainly a concern, in a future so unclear, it is with certitude one can say water will be important. (ok, AND art).

My next plan is to make LOTS of money. I have done everything but.

Life is good. Hope you are happy. Thanks for distracting me from boring study for half an hour. This was good. Lets do it again. did you read Dan Boyd's thing? Its like fifteen years old, but google it--1987 horace greeley--he hits so much on the head about where we were.

Looking for friends of Heidi
My name is Chrissy (Campbell) Miller and this is not about me. I am looking for anyone from Greeley that can help with a project. It is a scrapbook of memories for my son, about his aunt Heidi Campbell. She went to Bell and was at Greeley in the fall of 1978. She passed away in the winter of 1979. My son asks about her alot. "What was her favorite ice cream flavor.", or "her favorite color", his list can be endless at times, and to be truthful, I was very young and did not know her as a friend would. So if you , or anyone you might know has any information that I could us to create a memory for my son it would mean alot. Thank you for any infromation you may have.

Living in Croton -on-Hudson, Realtor
My husband Steven and I recently moved out of Manhattan and bought a home in Croton-on-Hudson, a big change and we love it! It would be great to hear from old friends now that we're in the area again. Also, I'm a Realtor, please e-mail me if you need any help in that department as well, I work in all the
local areas-
Best Wishes to all!