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Chappaqua, NY

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My wife Alexis & I welcomed fraternal twins Nicole and Cara. They join older sister Sophie (almost 3). Like many others, I've moved back to Chappaqua and have been here for 4 years. Welcome any fresh faces who happen to be back in town....

Peter Sherry wins Marine Corp Marathon
Thought this was great news to post online. Peter Sherry (Class '86) won the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC. Read all about it. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A19994-2003Oct26.html Nice work Peter! Congrats!

Ode to being "Hip"
Hi- just thought I'd drop a note to anyone who might remember me. On April 30th, I had my right hip replaced here in Boston. All went extremely well and I'm recuperating at home and doing my best to get off of the two pain meds they have me on. The hip replacement was needed due to the radiation damage from the cancer treatment I had starting in 6/86. I guess doctor's are happy to follow people like me as they find out what the "really long term" side effects of treatments are.

It will be nice to be able to walk without a cane and to get rid of the yellow moose that's standing on my kitchen table (pain meds can be so much fun- woo-hoo!).

See ya!


Hello From Boston!
Hello From Boston! Having just moved up here, I'm getting used to Boston traffic and the commute. Some of you may remember my rather crappy last month of high school when I had the first of many surgeries for a very rare form of cancer. I missed graduation and yes, I did receive my diploma. Although I keep having this nightmare about someone finding out I hadn't taken the right courses to graduate and I had to go back to school to make up the work... (hmm, where have I heard this before?)...

The cancer has been gone for quite some time and this year is a mini-milestone for me being 15 years from original diagnosis (I don't celebrate until 2 years from now which will be 15 years from when the doctors said it was gone).

I am facing yet another complication from the radiation of way long ago with some blood flow issues in my right hip. It's the same injury Bo Jackson had and I'm doing my best to put off any surgery for quite some time. Besides, I have too much fun playing softball with the boston ski and sports club.

By the way, does anyone know any trustworthy real estate attorneys in the Boston area? (Tewksbury or Chelmsford?).