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I got married!
Hi All! On May 12, 2007, I got married! My husband, Sean, is a wonderful man. We both have our own law practice on Cape Cod and we love living here! I hope to hear from you!

Great Website
I just happened to notice this website for the first time today. Great idea; kudos to its creator. It's fun to see what everyone is up.

As for me, since our tenth reunion, I have been busy with the following.... Shortly thereafter, I took a sabbatical from my work as an employment attorney and embarked on a journey to Vietnam to teach English. It was very rewarding experience that started as a six-month teaching engagement and ultimately extended into a 13 month stint and a locally published ESL book. In early 1997, I got married (despite my mother's repeated desires, we don't have kids yet. Fortunately, my sister took much of the heat off by having two sons). In early 1998 I started teaching indoor Spinning (stationary cycling) as a hobby (I had picked up distance bicycling when I moved to California in 1992). In 2001, I set the then-existing Guinness World Record for indoor stationary cycling as part of a charity fundraising effort for Special Olympics. At the end of 2002, I left the partnership of Littler Mendelson (in San Francisco) and relocated to Klamath Falls, Oregon where my wife and I work for JELD-WEN, inc. Although she still sorely misses the food and shopping of San Francisco, the small-town feel of Klamath Falls sometimes brings back fond memories of Chappaqua.

I noticed a number of postings about our 20 year reunion (wow, that's a pretty big number, it feels like it should be appreciably less). I am happy to assist with the organizing effort although I may be somewhat handicapped in what I can do because I am so far away. I had a lot more fun at our 10-year reunion than I had expected and think a 20-year reunion would be even better, particularly if the turnout were good. Is somebody coordinating this? If so, let me know how I can help.

Number 3
Just a quick update - My wife and I are happy to announce the birth of Talia Margit Rockmacher - May 28, 2003. Talia was welcomed home by big brother Zach (9) and big sister Sara (5). We live in Swampscott, MA. I am looking forward to attending the 20th reunion in 2 more years.


Just Checking In
From time to time I check this web site (which is really great...thanks Jesse)just to see if there is any news form former classmates. I love reading about what everyone is doing. So, I thought I should add my own update. I live in North Bethesda Maryland (just outside DC) and am married to Mark and we have two children. Jack is 3 and Caroline is 1. I stay home with the children and love it. I used to work at the House of Representatives with the Page Program. the Pages are high school juniors...so their antics always reminded me of Greeley days. Take care...and post some news!

My daughter, Nikki, and I would like to express our deepest sympathy to all involved in this horrible tragedy. I hope if anyone knows of any Alumni involved they would post news here. God Bless....

Perhaps a little late, but I just logged on to the alumni web page for the first time and noticed Cathy Breen's Sept. '91 plea for a class officer from 1985 to plan our 20th reunion. Electra Canellas are you out there?

Class of 85 - REUNION?
I just attended the HGHS Class of '80 reunion with my boyfriend, and it was very well put on. I got lots of great ideas of what to do and what not to do to make our future reunions a success. I assume we are not having a 15th? Anyway, I look forward to a 20th and will be happy to help whoever takes the reins - shouldn't a class officer do that? Marshall Taylor - you out there? My first suggestion: NO CASH BAR!!! Gross! All the Best: "Breenie"

Looking for people, info
My name is Chris Williams and I was in the class of 85. I stumbled across the web site because I have been searching for Susan Gail Kaplan who was in class with me. She went to George Washington University and even they haven't been able to find her. So I figured, why not go back to good ole Greeley!

If anyone has seen or heard from her, give her my e-mail address which is cdubs (at) hotmail.com .. I would appreciate it.

The web site is great! And if anyone else wants to say hello, drop me a note!


p.s. I attended the class of 88 reunion last week as a guest of Tanya Phillipps and it was a lot of fun!