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Mister Barlow Book - 2nd Edition on sale
Hello alumni:
My book, "Teacher of the Year: The Mystery & Legacy of Edwin Barlow", which was recently released in a second edition, is available for a sale price at www.misterbarlow.com

Mister Barlow Biography Now Available!
Please visit http://www.MISTERBARLOW.com to order your copy of this extraordinary Greeley legend's story!

Edwin Barlow biography
Dear Greeley Alum:

I am proud to announce the release of the biography of legendary Greeley instructor, Edwin Barlow. Ten years of research and writing has resulted in this carefully crafted tale of Mister Barlow's life before, during, and after his stint at our high school.

Here, for the first time, all your questions will be answered and all the rumors will be put to rest. What remains is the very human story behind his enigmatic persona -- of a man whose dreams and life were shattered, only to rebuild himself into a unique and legendary force in education.

For anyone interested in a story of one of Greeley's greatest teachers, of a man who epitomizes the Greatest Generation, of a journey from despair to redemption, or for anyone just interested in a great human mystery, I hope you'll visit http://www.MISTERBARLOW.com and order your copy today.

Act soon -- there is a substantial discount for Greeley Alumni.

Lawrence Meyers '84

Alumni Directory Needed
If anyone has the 2007 Alumni Directory and is willing to sell it or lend it out for an extended period of time, I would be extremely grateful!!!!!

back in NY
after a long trip i'm finally back in NY for a spell and looking forward to seeing some of those ole faces...cheers! b

Megan Ingram Abbott
My husband, Richard, and I are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter, Megan - 13 March 2003. She was welcomed home by her 2 year old brother Aiden. Looking forward to the 20th reunion!

Hi and Where is the Class of '84?
Hi all: still in touch with Tania Bernath and Sue Casey, inerested in hearing from Peggy Richards. New daughter, Cecilia Kathleen, a great baby! We did name her in memory of my late, great, always a firebrand Mom. Moved to Boston worked as the Deputy Director of the Massachusetts Senate Post Audit and Oversight Bureau with Senator Cheryl Jacques and loved every minute of it. Was literally going broke doing that so went into PR, not as much fun by far, needing to get back into politics, especially with a daughter who I feel obligated to work to leave a better world than the one it looks like we're headed for. Any thoughts or news?

Seeking Ed Barlow Information
All Greeley Graduates:
I am compiling information on legendary instructor Edwin Barlow (d.1990), and request any and all anecdotes, stories, information, and personal recollections of Greeley's most controversial figure. With the full blessing of his surviving brother, I have uncovered many details of Mr. Barlow's very private life. If you encountered Mr. Barlow during your time at Greeley, please visit:

http://www.edbarlowproject.com/ for more details.

Most importantly, please tell AS MANY OTHER GREELEY GRADS THAT YOU CAN about this project. The intended biography requires the testimonials of those who know him, and the only real way to get the news out is by word of mouth. Whether you loved or hated him, I need your stories and want to provide a balanced portrait of Mr. Barlow.