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no news...just a hello!
I stumbled upon this site and scrolled through the years of postings. I was JUST talking about Mr. Cesta (8th grade Social Studies, Bell School) tonight (after getting the link to the great Mr. Barlow book site).....and I learned here that he had passed away last year. Mr. Cesta was one of those amazing teachers that one never forgets. I wished that I had taken the time to tell him what an impact he had on me. He was college professor caliber. "Keep your wits about you!" I can just hear his voice saying that to a student as he or she was stumbling trying to get a sentence out. The energy that Mr. Cesta had as he dragged our 'team' all over Washington DC was incredible. He had such enthusiasm in the classroom - wherever that classroom happened to be.

For anyone who cares.....I'm still in Vermont (Rutland), married to Don, a (now) retired firefighter and we have one son, Brayden (7). I work at his school, do a TON of volunteer work, work retail at Pico in the winter - for the pass :), and still dabble in market research work and jewelry-making.

Rob Bliss (1981) is the Asst. Superintendent in the same school district..so I see him often.

Brother, Brit (1986) left NYC (he and I drove out west in late Feb . 2007) for Venice Beach, CA...and loves it. He's writing and directing. It's a bit ironic that he's in So. Cal now and I was out there in college at Pepperdine .

Dad and I flew out to LA in August to help Brit celebrate his big 4-0....with a house-full of his CA friends and some NY transplants including another Greeley A lum, Victoria Fisch. A fun time was had by all.

Looking forward to catching up with anyone!

Mr. Cesta
Thanks to Michael Cesta for posting about his father's death. Mr. Cesta's 8th-grade Social Studies course was the most fun course I've ever taken, and it has stayed with me ever since. Mr. Cesta was learned, compelling, and kind. I teach in law school now, and often ask myself "What would Mr. Cesta do?"

I'm married and living near DC, and have a 9 y/o boy and 6 y/o girl.

Hello Out There
Hey Everyone,
I don't know why, but twenty years seems like a good time to get together! Contact me if you have any suggestions.
I figure a holiday long weekend or other such time might work best?
Hope you are doing well,