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New Book Published
"Managing Sustainability: First Steps to First Class" by John Friedman was published in May 2020 by Business Expert Press. It is available at http://www.amazon.com/author/johnfriedman and joins my earlier (out of print) book.

Peter Fisch passed away, class of '81
Peter Fisch, class of '81, passed away on Friday January 13th. A Memorial Service will be held from 11-12 on Tuesday January 17th at Beechers Funeral Home in Pleasantville, 418 Bedford Road.

Not quite six degrees of separation: the film music score for Sex and the City and Sex and the City 2 were mixed by audio engineer Michael Stern, HGHS class of '81.

Hey, there is a HUGE Greeley Facebook community starting. There are elementary school pictures for the class of 1981 there as well as groups for a lot of classes in the late 70s and early 80s. It's free to joing facebook and it's great for networking. Class of 81 lets see how many we can get on there. There is also a Bell School group and a Roaring Brook Group

Check Out Class of '81 Pics posted
I just stumbled upon the post of the Class of 81 pics earlier this year is absolutley incredible - - but does anyone have more? What a flashback! What a great addition to this site it would be if pictures/class pictures could be submitted and posted.

HGHS81 Yahoo! Group Formed

A Yahoo! email group has been started to allow the Class of 1981 to correspond and potentially plan any future reunions. If you're interested in joining us, please sign up at:



I graduated from Stratton Mtn School but was a part of the class of 1981 until 10th grade. I am living in Wenatchee, WA with my wife and son and work for the US Ski Team as a coach for the Men's World Cup team. Beyond that, I am looking ot touch base with any number of people who would like to get in touch. Does't really matter who...Just out of touch with New York for over 15 years now. Wondering what's going on back there!


Guess we missed our window for a 20th reunion so here's the deal with me. Did the college thing, married, kid - the whole nine yards. Live in the Washington DC area. Thinking back to those "wonderful" days in Norm Nickerson's and Ed Hart's offices, Mr. Gilson, Mr. Furey, Mrs. Wolf, Donati, Burns... and whatever happened to Charlie Byrne, Lisa Erickson, and Alison MacLean? And when did "Only the Good Die Young" make it onto the oldies station?

Greeley Grads in Washington, DC area
A few months ago, a post went up asking if there are Greeley grads in the DC area. My wife Dottie and I live in North Potomac, Maryland, with our two kids (Lauren, 5 and Mark 3). I am working at the Justice Department doing National Security Law. I'd love to hear from other Greeley grads.

Living in DC area
In response to Kathy Gollogly's message:

I have been living in the DC area since moving to the area to attend law school in 1985. I live in North Potomac, Maryland with my wife Dottie, five year old daughter Lauren and three year old son, Mark. Would love to participate in an HGHS DC area reunion!

Where is Mr. Furey?
Married and living in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area since 1988. Just thought I would say 'hello.' Anyone know the whereabouts of Gerard Furey from the English Department?

David Gottfried '81
David Gottfried '81, attorney with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC, married with two children Lauren, who is 3 and Mark who is 18 months, living in Alexandria, Virginia. Would welcome hearing from anybody from HGHS.

Greeley Grads in Los Angeles, CA
Jordan Mechner, HGHS '81 is now married and moving to LA. Are there any other Greeley grads out there? If so, drop him a line at jordan (at) mechner.com and tell him that we sent you there.