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Re: Looking for friends of Heidi
Heidi Campbell relative: I sent this via your email, but it bounced. So here's hoping you see this here!

My name is Gordon Macdougall (1978). I knew Heidi fairly well; she was part of the circle of friends I hung out with. I remember her as a vivacious, laid-back, wonderful human being. She had an easy laugh, and got along with just about everybody. I liked her very much.

I'm assuming this is the same Heidi you're asking about: You mention 1979, but the Heidi I knew passed away in 1978, I'm sure. As I write, I am looking at the Quaker '78 yearbook (page 245), and it has a wonderful full-page memorial. It has a beautiful big picture of her...smiling, just as I remember her always doing (I'm sure she frowned sometimes, but her smile and laugh are what stay so warmly in my memory), and a quote from her friend Angel Shaw:

"When you love someone, you tell that person how much you love them. A person does not know how deep or special that love is until you let it be known. There are times when it is hard to express your love, sometimes you never get the chance of you think that person already knows. I had a special kind of love for you. I only wish I had told you..."

I wish I could tell you some favorite things of hers, but it is too far back. And it was hard for all of us when she passed away...I might have tried to forget, tho' I never really have. She loved laughing, she loved hanging out with all of us, she loved her friends. She had the most easy-going way about her...I can't recall her upset or mean or cranky...

Heidi was one of the nicest people I knew, then, and I will always carry a piece of her in my heart.

If you want, I'll copy this yearbook page and send it along; send me an address. Also, look for Angel Shaw. She would know more, I'm sure.


Gordon Macdougall, mrmac (at) teacher.com

Sue Montroy's Novel
Sue Montroy's first novel published - "Finding Aloha" . Check it out on Amazon.com, Boarders.com, Barnes&Noble.com...

Now in NYC
Hello out there. I'm living in NYC now with my hubby and kids, back in school at Yale getting a Ph.D in Jewish history. My triplets, Abby, Michael, and Lily just turned 8!!! My husband Bart. a Washington Post reporter, is busy on the terrorist beat. Can't believe our 25th reunion is next year. I'd love to be in touch with old friends. Take care. Tracy

Thrilled & Surprised to find this wonderful website
Still enjoying life in Big D, although I've missed everyong from Greeley. My husband & I own a real estate investment firm and have two children. Jessica is 19 and just finished her first year of college (boy are we really getting that old?), Michael just turned 12. I would really love to hear from my high school friends. Oakie

Looking for...
Hi Guys-
I'm looking to re-connect with some old buddies, I think they were in the class of '79. Does anyone know what happened to Joan Corso and Lori Lockwood?
Cheers, Jim

Sue Montroy '78 Update
Hi! I'm a Greeley alumni! Class of '78. After living my entire life in Chappaqua and then graduating from Greeley in '78 my family moved to Los Angeles, CA. I am a writer and an artist... My first novel, "Finding Aloha" can be found on Boarder, Barnes and Noble, Xlibris, and Amazon.com's web sites. I was married. Now divorced. A happy born again Christian. Returned to Chappaqua last June to accompany my younger sister, Robin, to her class of '80's 20 year reunion. We had a blast. Hope anyone who will remember me could contact me. I've been basically "lost" from the class since moving to LA. Never have been contacted regarding reunions or such. Would love to hear from former classmates. - Sue Montroy

Solarfest 2000
I have an announcement for the non-profit some friends and I have created: SolarFest: Energy Education through the Arts. This is our 6th annual performance arts festival run entirely on solar power in Middletown Springs, Vermont. At the first one, fellow classmate Ed Witkin turned up to help power things with his solar rig - he'll be there this year. Dar Williams performed in '97 and '98, along with a whole slew of fine musicians. Just yesterday I ran into Dori Meeker (now Wolfe), who is an energy consultant and children's music performer, who will join us this year. Furthermore (is there such a thing as too much confluence?) Sloan Wainwright, who performed in Saw Mill Summer Theater's "The Robber Bridegroom" in 1977, will be joining us with her band. Anyone else want to reunion this July 29 and 30? For more information about us and our full roster of music, solar workshops, and kids' activities, please visit our web site at http://solarfest.com/


Class of '78 Homepage
The Greeley Class of 1978 page is now up with info about individuals and about the most recent class reunion. Pictures and upcoming reunion information coming soon as well!