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Chappaqua, NY

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Larry Bock
It is with a heavy heart that Larry Bock died from pancreatic cancer July 6, 2016. Larry was an extremely accomplished biotech entrepreneur husband and father. He lost his younger brother Steven, in 2006.

Boy Scout Troop 1 Centennial
Were you a Boy Scout in Chappaqua? Read here about the centennial celebration:

Alumni Directory
FYI--You know those postcards you get from Harris Connect asking you to update their expensive HGHS alumni directory? Well, call the company and update your info, because the Chappaqua Library keeps a copy of this comprehensive alumni directory in its reference collection--when the Internet fails to turn up an old classmate, you can call the library (914-238-4779) or stop by to look up the info.

Hi Everyone! My book, THE RECIPE CLUB: A TALE OF FOOD AND FRIENDSHIP is now out in all the stores. It is a novel-cookbook. We are touring and reading all across the country. Here's the website: www.therecipeclubbook.com
I'll be reading in Pleasantville's Village Books on 10/24 at noon.

Mr. Hart Passed Away
For those of you who attended HGHS from 1966-1995, I'm sorry to pass along the news that Mr. Hart passed away on May 19th. Please follow this link to learn more: http://www.newcastlenow.org/index.php/article/edward_j._hart_1928-2009/

Melissa Bedolis Cattanach '80 passed away
I'm sorry to report that Melissa Bedolis Cattanach passed away on Monday, July 21st after a two year battle with cancer. (Her son attends our local elementary school.) The attached links to the newspaper/online obituaries are below.
Journal News Obituary:

New York Times Death Notice:

If you wish to contact Melissa's husband and son:
The Cattanach Family
121 Cross River Road
Mount Kisco, New York 10549

In memory of Melissa, a college fund has been established for Robert. Donations can be sent to:

The Robert Evan Cattanach College Fund
Attn: Kathleen Longo
The Estee Lauder Companies
767 Fifth Ave
New York, New York 10153

August - Save the DATE
Plans are in the works for our 30th!
A Bunch of DC'ers are having dinner this Sunday to set forth an agenda. Low Key and Informal is the plan, so be flexible and let someone know who and where you are!!!!
Email me!

Updating the '77 directory
I am currently trying to update the contact information that appeared in the 25th reunion directory for the class of 1977. If you would like me to update your information, especially your email address, please contact me at varangis (at) starpower.net. I have gotten back many of the emails I sent as "undeliverable." If you haven't received an email directly from me it means that the address I have for you is incorrect. Hope to hear from many more '77 alums!

I left after Chappaqua after seventh grade, but would be pleased to have my address included with the '77 class in some way. I tried to contact Barbara, but the e-mail was returned as unsendable. Perhaps you could try sending one to me.

I hope that my former classmates are all safe and not directly involved in any of this last weeks' horror.

My best to any and all.
Toby Everett

Looking for...
I am hoping that someone can tell me how to get in touch with Jean or Jan Johnson who graduated in 1977. We lost track of one another years ago and I would love to reconnect.

Class of '77 Reunion? Anyone?
According to my sources, limited at best, there was not a reunion for our class's 20th....hmmmm..don't know why or what is going on...I even called HGHS and talked to Mr. Breen....
I don't know how we missed the boat or why one of those reunion companies couldn't have gotten it organized for all of us successful, busy Greeley alumni....
I don't what this means for future classes or for our 25th reunion.. Any ideas or info. please pass it on..
Martha (Volinsky) Johnson at readmj (at) aol.com