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Passing of Larry Breen
I write with sad news today in the life of our school district. Larry Breen, who was a math teacher at Horace Greeley starting in 1964 and then assistant principal from 1969 through 2001, passed away yesterday.

Though schools as institutions are often governed by rules and tradition, great schools are also governed by those who remember, always, that people and relationships are the reason we come to work every day. I can’t think of anyone who did more to humanize Greeley than Larry. For many of us, he is the person who welcomed us into our careers, who supported and nurtured us in his own unique way. I will remember Larry as a man who said, frequently, "I am the luckiest man in the world to have this job." The joy he found at work was and continues to be an inspiration.

We do not yet have specific details regarding services. I'm told, however, that they will be made though the Cassidy-Flynn Funeral Home in Mt. Kisco. So you can check for details on their web site: http://www.cassidyflynnfuneralhome.com/

Larry's oldest son Timothy, has asked that we share his email address with all: Timothybreen (at) mac.com

Tim also let us know that any cards sent to Larry's former address will be forwarded on to the family. So that address is as follows:

101 Carpenter Avenue
Unit A 100
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

With deepest sympathies to all who are grieving today,

Passing of Charles Tetelman
Charles Tetelman, former Dean of Students at the Bell School, passed away on June 3, 2004 after a battle with cancer. He was 83 years old. A private service has been held.

Just found this website! Was very interesting to scroll through the past years. Moved away in 1976 and now living in Greenville SC. I have lost touch with quite a few people. If anyone has info on Elaine (Stoia) Feldman or Renee Abbott please e-mail me. Any news on a 30 year (that sounds so old) reunion? Went to the 20th and it was fun seeing so many after being away for so long. Thanks for a great website!

Grafflin Teacher
Does anyone know how to reach Kenneth A. Wood, who taught at Grafflin only one year ('67 - '68)? He was a 5th grade teacher who was much loved by those of us in his class that year. I caught up with him once years later, but have no idea of his whereabouts now.

Remember how Mr. Barlow used to call us "you stupid teenagers"?! As a teacher myself, I could never get away with that! I currently teach English as a Second Language outside of DC in Alexandria, Va. I feel like a misplaced Yankee down here, in spite of the fact that I've been here in VA since HGHS graduation. I'd love to hear from Class of '74 friends.

Seeking people
I'd like to locate Renee Abbott, Frank LaForge, Diana Freeman, Rosemary Keesler, Gill Wheat, Paul Kifner, Kurt Gross, Margo (sorry, can't remember last name) and anyone else who might remember me. Please e-mail me!