Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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Candy Alt Crowley
Moderator for Presidental Debate is a Greeley Grad

The Class of 1971 Launched new website, check it out. http://www.hghs71.com

Bob Reis passed away
Robert K "Bob" Reis of Chittenden, Vt., HGHS Class of 1967 on Oct 23 surrounded by family and friends. Funeral services are Oct 29 at 11am in Rutland, Vermont. More info go to Rutland Herald, oct 27

Time for fuddy-duddies to get on Facebook
I got "friended" by Doug Jenkins, and he asked if he'd seen me at the last reunion, but I've never been contacted about any reunion! Will there be another one ever? Why don't y'all get on Facebook so we can try to see if we can recognize each other! I have a blog at http://pratie.blogspot.com, happy to hear from anybody.

selling house // seeking old friends
My family home in Chappaqua will go on the market late spring or early fall 2005. I would love to sell to someone who would appreciate living in Herman Kahn's home, so, I'm putting that desire "out there". Also, I would love to connect with any old friends who see this announcement. If you read this, please e-mail. Thanks.

checking in
It was good to see Tony Woodbury's note, although I was under the impression that "Chatino" was an internet language. I must get a new dictionary.

It was also good to see the website from Jim McKean. He is starting to look like Queequeg, the part he played in the movie musical "Moby" we made for Mr. Gross' English class. I'm surprised that movie hasn't made it to Turner Classic Movies, especially with its classic scene of Janice Figueroa (as Capt Ahab) being attacked by an umbrella!

It's too bad the footage of "Giants In The Earth" was lost. My only starring role... (Per Hansa, not "The Giant").

I've been living in Maryland since 1976, and we're bracing for the cicadas. I have my industrial strength flyswatter at the ready. I understand they are a delicacy (I'll take your word for it), so if anyone wants a shipment let me know. My windshield seems to attract them.

Hi 71-ers...
Hi Barbara, Sue, Jon, Jim, Jay, Dottie, and all you other 71-sters who have posted here...nice site! I've been in Austin, teaching linguistics at the U of Texas for these last..24 years (yikes...). My latest project is training and working with speakers of Chatino, an indigenous language of Oaxaca, Mx, to document their language. Love to hear from old friends! --Tony

Greetings from the Republic of Boulder
Great website. I have lost track of all of my class (1971) and would love news of old friends. After 20 years teaching Spanish in Maine, I'm now semi'retired and my husband and I moved to Boulder, CO three years ago.

Book published
Quattrocento was published July 2, 2002 by Doubleday. http://www.mckeanviolins.com

World Trade Center
I was at my desk on the 13th floor of 1 World Trade when the first plane hit. I made it out safely.

Marlow (Dottie) Shami '71
Marlow founded and directs NaturalSense, a business offering workshops and private sessions focused on nature and healing. She blends her life long relationship with nature, twenty years in communications and the fine arts into her work as a spiritual healer and teacher. The Touching Spirit Method and Ecopsychology are integral in Marlow's private practice and workshops. Marlow writes a monthly column on the nature of healing for a statewide newsletter, publishes a quarterly free e-mail newsletter called NaturalSense, facilitates healing circles and is on the faculty of the Touching Spirit Center, Litchfield, CT. She is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Integrated Ecopsychology / Integrated Ecology. You may contact Marlow via email Mshami (at) aol.com or write PO Box 186 Bloomfield, CT 06002