Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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Tracy Meyer / Smith
I'm with the Singapore American School (teaching MS drama full-time; nice job) and (gasp) married -- just six years ago! Still playing a Lot of music & tennis. I'd love to hear from Greeley people. Please write!

Community For 1970s
At the 30th reunion we decided to set up an online community so we can find each other and stay in touch. We hope everyone from the class will join! Please e-mail 1970Quakers (at) communities.msn.com and we'll send an invitation right away.

It has been a long time
It was great to find this site. I am a Urologist and I work in Waterbury, CT. Unfortunately it is time to switch.
I am disturbed about the rifraff that has moved into our great town but there isn't much we can do about it.
I have two daughters age 15 and 12. Both are doing well. I hope all is well with everyone else and hope to see you if there is going to be a 30 reunion.


Need some help...Anyone attending Bloomfield CT HS...I am looking for an old friend..Her name is Beverly Malinak (maiden)...Anyone who knows her and can e-mail me would be appreciated.

Peter Adams '70
Decided ANYONE wishing to contact me would be someone I would not mind contacting back; So with that, Class of 69-71 friends. Reunion is possible because first time in years might be in area in Summer 2000.