Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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Tom Moran deceased
Not good news - Tommy Moran (class of 1966) died on 7/23/11. For anyone who knew him and would like to pay respects to his family:
Beecher Funeral Home,418 Bedford Rd, Pleasantville, N.Y. Saturday, July 30th from 3-6pm

Happily living and working in Massachusetts.
Mother of three sons, two grandchildren and two more on the way.
Continued my interest in education since graduation. Have taught and developed curricula at different levels of education. Over the last decade, I have enjoyed building a department at Harvard University in executive education.

Where are they now?
Exploring new ways of doing nothing this morning. Have had good luck now to have two little daughter, Annie and Gwen. Am happiest when working on almost lost causes, so I teach in a law clinic and correspond with and sometimes represent inmates and criminal defendants. Will there be a 30th or 31st reunion? The previous ones have been fun.