Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY

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Distinguished Alumnus
Better make room on the"distinguished alumni roll"for author-publisher-agent Knox Burger, HG'39. In high school he wrote, edited and acted in school plays. The Salutatorian played football tackle and went on to Cornell to edit "The Widow" before editing for Yank Magazine in WW2. Prior to his 2010 death, Knox had published Kurt Vonnegut first in Colliers. Knox's papers are archived at NYU library, Washington Square. He is a legend in publishing as many of his famous authors have attested. His wellknown "crusty personage" developed at Greeley stayed with him through his career.

Linking Horace Greeley High to Normandy, France
Fellow alumni of the "Old Guard" (students at the old school, now Bell Middle School)

It is not often that we have the opportunity to take part in international, inter-scholastic academia concerning our own high school..... 70 years after graduation, June 23, 1941.

Here's how it happened.

June, 2009, was the 65th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion and I went back to the site for the third time. During the first week of June, Normandy traditionally celeb rates with ceremony and re-enactment. Sadly, I found no other returnees from my unit but the week was enlivened by an invitation to speak to students at St Lo's Bon Sauveur School. St Lo was 90% destroyed as the allies broke out and headed toward Berlin and the students in my group were eager to learn about those days from others than their grandparents and their text books.

The faculty hosts were most hospitable, the event culminating with a catered lunchof Normandy cheese, agricultural delicacies and of course, French wine to top it all.

After lunch a tour of a re-built St Lo celebrating again the removal of the Nazi invaders was an unbelievable experience. In Normandy, D Day week is like a series of New Years Eves!

The instructor at the French school and I have stayed in contact via e-mail and he recently asked if I could find an American high school French instructor whose class would "pen pal" across the Atlantic. Remembering our French teacher, Miss Malachard, who would marry eventual HG Principal, Donald Miles, I called HGHS and left my proposal with a most interested switchboard operator.

The next day, Ms. Sarah Mondale, Greeley French department, called to learn more about the proposed St Lo-Chappaqua student connection!

Right now the Greeley kids are learning more about Normandy and the St Lo kids are becoming experts in the history of Horace Greeley and the Town of New Castle.

Stay well, Best Regards,

Don Reynolds '41

Frank Keiper
Our friend and instructor, Frank Keiper, passed on this Sunday.


Don B .Reynolds '41

i'm alive
anybody have ay word about Greeley grads immediately before WW2?